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Inferi announce new album

Wednesday, July 21, 2021 2:22 PM PT / 1,180 views

Tennessee melodic death metal outfit Inferi will release their fifth full-length album late this summer.

Titled Vile Genesis, the album was produced by Dave Otero (Cephalic Carnage, The Breathing Process) and features artwork (viewable below) courtesy Helge C. Balzer. The effort will be released on September 10 through The Artisan Era.

Vile Genesis track listing:

01. No Gods But Our Flesh
02. Maelstrom Prison
03. Simian Hive
04. From Exile to Exaltation
05. Vile Genesis
06. Mesmeric Horror
07. Carving Thine Kingdom
08. Heirs of the Descent


anonymous 3 days ago

Whitechapel lite

anonymous 3 days ago

Cool album artwork and I can totally read their band logo

anonymous 3 days ago

Whitechapel is a Deathcore band, you Neanderthal.

ej 2 days ago

lol harry potter band name

anonymous 2 days ago

Metal Elitist are stoked

anonymous 2 days ago

Dudes that claim to love slam but play deathcore instead are stoked

anonymous 2 days ago

I think my dad dates the drummer

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