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Thrice announce new album, premiere first single

Tuesday, July 20, 2021 4:11 PM PT / 2,355 views

California rock/post-hardcore quartet Thrice will release their eleventh studio album late this summer.

The new full-length is titled Horizons/East and is slated to arrive on September 17 (digital) and October 8 (physical) through Epitaph Records. The album's first single, "Scavengers," can be streamed below.

The ten-song album was written during the last two years, produced and recorded by the band at their own New Grass Studio, and mixed by Scott Evans (Neurosis, Yautja). According to Thrice, "We’re really, really stoked on how it turned out, and hope you dig it!"

Horizons/East track listing:

01. The Color of the Sky
02. Scavengers
03. Buried In The Sun
04. Northern Lights
05. Summer Set Fire to the Rain
06. Still Life
07. The Dreamer
08. Robot Soft Exorcism
09. Dandelion Wine
10. Unitive/East


timelordtwo 4 days ago

Dudes who listen to thrice are stoked

anonymous 4 days ago

Christians from 2002 are stoked f*ck, 19 years later I can't believe this band is still around.

anonymous 4 days ago

Band is solid, I give this a listen

anonymous 4 days ago

All the near 40 year old dudes who have posted on the lambgoat forum every day since they were 18 are stoked

Portslob 4 days ago

Mizzi is stoked

anonymous 4 days ago

Doesn't even sound like the same singer. Please stop making this garbage!! Saw them live last year and it was f*cking terrible. People came out to see them thinking they would play some old jams… nope!! Not one from artist and the ambulance and before…. Terrible!

anonymous 3 days ago

I went to that tour because it was the 10 year for Vheissu. The f*ck do you expect you dumb f*ck?

shitinyourhand 3 days ago

No f*cking thanks

anonymous 3 days ago

Great band at one point, now they wont shut the f*ck up about Bernie Sanders.

anonymous 3 days ago

All I can think about is the beginning of Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin with that opening riff

anonymous 3 days ago

Go Woke, Go Broke

anonymous 3 days ago

Imagine going to an album-specific tour and crying about songs from other albums not being played. That's a whole new level of smoothbrain jesus LG never change

anonymous 3 days ago

This band was cool until my dad was in it

anonymous 3 days ago

Skate shop music for kids with patches of dyed blonde hair and chunky DC shoes. Dogshit then, dogshit now.

anonymous 3 days ago

Miss the days of metal guitar leads and breakdowns. The new stuff is just boring. That being said I have tickets to see them this fall. Hope to hear some older songs!

anonymous 2 days ago

Some of the best human beings on earth. Major support and love for them always.

anonymous 2 days ago

Dustin's voice is shot.

anonymous 1 day ago

Dad's in deep Vs with faded scripture verse chest pieces are stoked

anonymous 6 hours ago

They like Sanders? I'm not stoked.

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