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Autopsy bassist Joe Trevisano quits band

Sunday, July 18, 2021 9:27 AM PT / 3,225 views

Death metal veterans Autopsy have announced the amicable departure of bass player Joe Trevisano after more than a decade in the band.

A statement from Autopsy reads as follows:

"Surreal as it is, our long time bass player and friend Joe Trevisano has left the band.

"Joe has been making records and kicking ass on stage all over the world with us for the entire chapter two of Autopsy going back to 2008. And before that he was in Abscess going back to 1997, and even before that...we knew Joe from the local scene around 1991 when he was in Von, so we have a long history together. Let it be known the split is on good terms.

"Joe has decided to shift his focus to his family and we support him on this 100% and will always consider him part of the Autopsy gang.

"In the meantime fear not, Autopsy will continue to forge ahead and we will keep you all posted on developments. We are not done crushing your skulls yet, so consider yourselves warned."


anonymous 6 days ago

Autopsy is rad

anonymous 6 days ago

Stinkman12 is the greatest thing to ever happen to lambgoat. Stinkman 4 lyyyyyfeeee

anonymous 6 days ago

One of the best bands in death metal.

anonymous 6 days ago

Great band but doesn't pay the bills so understand him leaving

anonymous 6 days ago

In the mf grip of winter

anonymous 5 days ago

Can't blame him death metal is kinda lame

anonymous 4 days ago

Definitely understand. Good luck to him.

anonymous 4 days ago

best of luck, you stupid f*ck

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