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The Breathing Process debut new song and video

Friday, July 16, 2021 5:35 PM PT / 1,902 views

U.S. blackened deathcore six-piece The Breathing Process have unveiled new single, "Shroud." The track comes from the group's forthcoming album, Labyrinthian, which will be released on October 8 through Unique Leader Records.

The music video for "Shroud" can be viewed here:


anonymous 8 days ago

These guys had a jam back in the day

easyhateoven 7 days ago

Stop breathing

timelordtwo 7 days ago

Congrats on sounding like every metal band ever

anonymous 7 days ago

caught red handed

anonymous 7 days ago

Isn't this the band thats had twenty different members because that chick is "difficult"? Lol.

anonymous 6 days ago


anonymous 6 days ago

Sammy Larson here. This needs more groove and more mosh parts!

slkbutnotaswampman 4 days ago

blackened deathcore. lol..

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