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Circle Jerks add drummer Joey Castillo (The Bronx, etc.) to band

Friday, July 16, 2021 1:45 PM PT / 2,070 views

Circle Jerks

Atiba Jefferson

American hardcore punk legends the Circle Jerks have announced the addition of veteran drummer Joey Castillo to their line-up.

"He’s making us sound like a well-oiled machine and we’re excited to bring this lineup to a city near you," says the band.

Castillo has done time in a slew of bands, including The Bronx, Queens of the Stone Age, Danzig, and Eagles of Death Metal.


anonymous 73 days ago

glenn beck is poggers rn

anonymous 73 days ago

No lucky no care

anonymous 73 days ago

That's sick, but yeah… lucky was the shit.

anonymous 73 days ago

Future tours will be endorsed by prune juice, MedicAlert, and a time machine back to when people gave a flying fvck.

anonymous 73 days ago

Glad to see Corrado Soprano is doing well

anonymous 73 days ago

That guy with the Creem shirt looks like that dancing old guy from the Six Flags commercials

anonymous 72 days ago

Hahahaha yes ^^

anonymous 69 days ago

Badass gorilla drummer.

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