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Underoath premiere new track 'Damn Excuses'

Underoath have returned with a new single, their first new music since 2018 full-length, Erase Me.

Self-recorded and produced at guitarist Tim McTague’s studio, new track "Damn Excuses" can be streamed below.

Keyboardist Chris Dudley comments on the track: “This song came out of nowhere for us. In hindsight, it probably stems emotionally from the anxiousness that a year of isolation will give you, and that ‘wanting-to-explode’ feeling came out with zero effort. It was therapeutic. This is us ready to get back into a loud room with sweaty people and experience something real together.”


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anonymous 7/14/2021 8:14:51 AM

damn, thought they disbanded after ATV flip and the original guitarists death

anonymous 7/14/2021 9:25:47 AM

No cries of the past or changing of times no care!

anonymous 7/14/2021 9:34:51 AM

"Damn Excuses" is a sad excuse for an Underoath song.

anonymous 7/14/2021 9:54:34 AM

Who? ?

anonymous 7/14/2021 1:37:00 PM

Bros with dyed hair are stoked.

anonymous 7/14/2021 3:24:50 PM

Dudes that started swearing at the age of 35 are stoked

anonymous 7/14/2021 3:46:03 PM

Damn, their fan base of teenage christian girls won't like this

anonymous 7/15/2021 7:04:41 AM

haters gonna hate

anonymous 7/15/2021 8:45:51 AM

Sounds like watered down Mudvayne crossed with diet Bring Me the Horizon.

anonymous 7/15/2021 10:47:31 AM

Dallas Taylor or no care.

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