NewsMay 25, 2021 4:49 PM ET16,143 views

Power Trip frontman Riley Gale died of fentanyl overdose

When Power Trip vocalist Riley Gale passed away suddenly last summer, the metal world was obviously stunned, though Gale's cause of death was never formally disclosed. Yesterday Gale's autopsy report surfaced via YouTuber Heavy Metal Picker and its authenticity was subsequently confirmed through the Dallas County Medical Examiner's office by Rolling Stone. According to said report, Gale died from pulmonary edema — a condition in which the lungs fill with fluid — precipitated by "the toxic effects of fentanyl," a synthetic opioid. The report also notes that Gale had a history of "Xanax abuse" and "depression" and was found unresponsive at home. His death was ruled to be an accident. Meanwhile, aside from marijuana, Gale's blood tested negative for all other drugs and alcohol. Riley Gale was 34 and continues to be missed by family, friends, and the music community at large.

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