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Vouna announce new album, release lead single

Monday, May 17, 2021 8:17 AM PT / 546 views

Official press release: Olympia, WA's Vouna - featuring multi-instrumentalist and composer Yianna Bekris - has announced a new full-length album titled, Atropos, to be released on July 16 via Profound Lore Records. Bekris unveils a towering and singular doom metal wonder in a unique visioning reminiscent of My Dying Bride, Sub Rosa, Paradise Lost, and Evoken. Upon the thick foundation of doom, multiple musical textures intertwine into her sound: atmospheric black metal, dungeon synth, dark-wave, film scores, and Rebetiko. It is through these woven sonic tapestries that Bekris creates vivid atmospheres expressing the myriad emotions surrounding death, mourning, and suicidal ideation. Atropos, named for the Greek fate who cut the thread of life thus determining the final fate for mortals, not only conveys the inevitability of death, but also explores its contrasting and dynamic nature through immersive compositions representing despair, loneliness, anxiety, peace, and dignity. Today, Vouna has released the first single off Atropos titled, "Highest Mountain." The powerful track displays 9+ minutes of soaring and crushing doom, black metal, goth, and a triumphant resolve. "Highest Mountain" is streaming now at Brooklyn Vegan. About the track, Bekris comments: "This song is about someone who is dying and wants to be buried at the peak of the highest mountain as their final wish. I have always been fascinated with mountains, and I even named this project after them (Vouna meaning mountains in Greek), and it seems like such an honor to be buried at the top of a tall mountain. It isn't necessarily about a specific mountain that exists." Along with the full-length announcement, the release of "Highest Mountain", track listing, album artwork by Amjad Faur, Bekris has also revealed guest appearances on the forthcoming full-length, including an appearance from Wolves In The Throne Room's Nathan Weaver. Digital pre-order for Atropos is available now via Profound Lore Records. Atropos track listing: 1. Highest Mountain 2. Vanish 3. What Once Was Reprise 4. Grey Sky 5. What Once Was

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