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NYC revokes permits for upcoming hardcore shows at city park

Wednesday, April 28, 2021 5:56 PM PT

In the wake of last Saturday's controversial hardcore concert (headlined by Madball) at New York City's Tompkins Square Park, which is estimated to have drawn more than 2,000 attendees, city officials have revoked permits for future events by the show's organizer, Black N' Blue Productions (BNB).

According to a lengthy report at Gothamist, the Parks Department has revoked permits for seven upcoming events by BNB, including a May 8th show slated to feature Antidote NYHC and Kings Never Die, among others. The Department says that the aforementioned organization has been booking events at the park since 2006.

The move comes as Parks Department officials claim to have been misled by the permit application for last Saturday's event. Submitted by organizer Chris Parker last November 2nd, the application was allegedly for a "September 11 Memorial" described as a "political rally with speakers and music." Gothamist also reports that earlier this year the event's date was switched to April 24th, however, its original name and description remained entact.

For their part, BNB deny ever having applied for an event identified as "September 11 Memorial," despite Gothamist sharing an excerpt of the permit application.

Commenting on the matter, BNB had the following to say: "This post was made days ago after other things of come about. The news has released a small snippet of a permit application apparently without showing anything else about if it's the correct date or even the correct application holder. However if this was done by Bnb it would be demanded that they show the whole entire application and not just a tiny little Schmidt of it. However we can assure you that this is irrelevant regardless. Due to the fact that black and blue has nothing whatsoever to do with the application process. The permit applications are submitted almost a year in advance and held by the applicant Chris. He is to guess 6 to 10 months earlier of the expected attendance and if there is the plan of some sort it is to be included. Then comes Blacknblue in March 2021 months many months after the application has been submitted to decide if there's a date available that would work with the bands attempting to do an event. We never touch the application nor see it. So to say that it was used as a trick along with the 911 event is a flat out lie twisting of the facts at the least. Chris the application holder has said to us it's either a mistake on the parts department or a flat out lie. However again it is suspicious that they did not post the whole application and just a tiny little section with no other info that could've been Photoshop. Chris said 'why the hell would I put down a 911 event in April the year before. If we did it it would be in September. It makes zero sense'."

Alleged permit application subterfuge aside, the Parks Department also accused organizers of driving a vehicle into the park, something they hadn't received permission to do. Moreover, organizers brought a stage and sound amplification equipment, neither of which was listed on the application.

As a reaction to the alleged misrepresentations, Parks Department spokesperson Crystal Howard told Gothamist, "We are moving to revoke all permits for this organizer and related future events."