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Father and daughter grind band set to release debut album

Wednesday, March 31, 2021 12:18 PM PT

Official press release:

Father/daughter grindcore duo Animal Schoolbus will drop jaws with the upcoming release of Going to Grammy's House 2021. This 20-track grindfest features the surprisingly brutal vocals of 9-year-old screamer Princess Beast.

Going to Grammy's House 2021 consists of 14 songs recorded in 2014, when Princess Beast was two-years-old, three recorded in 2020, and three live tracks from the 2019 Rise and Grind Fest.

Music on Going to Grammy's House 2021 was written and recorded by multi-instrumentalist Charlie Sad-Eyes (Crawl Below), with vocals and lyrics by Princess Beast. The album was mixed by Dave Kaminsky at Studio Wormwood and mastered by Ryan Williams at Augmented Audio.

Lawnmowerjetpack Records will release Going to Grammy's House 2021 on April 30. Pre-order the album and stream the track "I Can Do One-Handed Cartwheels" at this location:

Animal Schoolbus started in 2013 when Princess Beast was two, in order to vent her frustrations at 7:00 pm bedtimes, getting yelled at for climbing trees, and not being able to eat popsicles for dinner. In 2020, Princess Beast now 9, three new songs were added as well as three live tracks from Rise and Grind Fest 2019. 

For fans of Carcass, Napalm Death, Strawberry Shortcake.

Going to Grammy's House 2021 track listing:

01. Favorite Flavor Green
02. Mommy's Car Is Blue
03. Stuck In A Tree
04. I'm A Bear
05. Oreos My Favorite
06. Teddy Bear Picnic
07. Did A Good Job
08. My Dirty Feet
09. Fruit Snacks
10. GG Says No No No
11. A New Backpack
12. My Dog Got Fat
13. September Is My Birthday
14. Outro
15. Everyone Had Mullets In The 80s
16. I Can Do One-Handed Cartwheels
17. I Bet Taylor Swift Never Has To Clean Her Room
18. Favorite Flavor Green (Live at Rise & Grind Fest 2019)
19. September Is My Birthday (Live at Rise & Grind Fest 2019)
20. I'm A Bear (Live at Rise & Grind Fest 2019)

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