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Hellish Form announce new album

Official press release: Vermont/California two-piece Hellish Form present their Translation Loss Records debut full-length titled Remains. The culmination of crushing funeral doom intertwined with stunning drone soundscapes shows the duo deliver emotive, passionate, and masterful compositions. Written 3000 miles apart over quarantine, Hellish Form - featuring Willow Ryan (Body Void) and Jacob Lee (Keeper) - dive into merciless nightmares of longing, death, and trauma. Clocking in at almost 45 minutes, each note of Remains sings out like a battle cry, gripping the wounds and scars of self-torment, and resolving with triumphant and searing blades to the heart of a hellish rebirth. Remains is a cathartic meditation, weeping with passionate and deliberately raw emotion - proving chaos and a million tons of pressure have the power to rebuild the human spirit. Today, along with unveiling details of Remains, Hellish Form have unleashed a powerful new track off of the forthcoming album titled, "Shadows With Teeth." The track is streaming now at Invisible Oranges. About the track and album announcement, guitarist, vocalist, and programmer, Willow Ryan shares: "'Shadows With Teeth' is a horror story about trying to hide from trauma and the way that can splinter your identity. Yet it has a hopeful ending about embracing those fractured parts of yourself. This song might be the most balanced when it comes to the full album's themes of light and darkness, so we're excited for it to be the first peek at the record. This is a special album for both of us. It covers new ground for us musically and feels like uncharted territory, but we couldn't be happier with the results. We're very excited to put it out into the world." Remains features stunning artwork by Cauê Piloto and mastering by James Plotkin (Khanate, Scorn, Zombi). Remains is set for release on June 25, 2021 and will be released on two vinyl variants and on all digital platforms. Remains track listing: 1. Your Grave Becomes A Garden 2. Ache 3. Shadows With Teeth 4. Another World

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