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Drowningman back in action

As you may heard, things have been happening in the Drowningman camp as of late. The group disbanded in 2002, and several groups were formed from its ashes, including The Scheme and Escapist. Fast forward to now - both of those bands are defunct, but Drowningman no longer is. For starters, they will be releasing a CD of demos, etc. via Law Of Interia later this year. Here's a statement we received from Drowningman frontman Simon Brody regarding everything taking place: "Apparently the cat is out of the bag. We had planned on waiting a bit longer, launching the new website, and taking care of a few outstanding obligations. But, yes, it's true Drowningman is back. Drowningman was started in late 1996 by Denny Donovan and myself (SImon Brody). When Denny left due to personal reasons several years later we made a difficult decision to soldier on. After that Drowningman changed in a lot of ways, I think that's apparent to fans of the band when comparing our Hydra Head material to later stuff. Denny and I started working together again in San Francisco in a band called The Scheme which unfortunately fell apart. Having moved out to the west coast specifically to play in The Scheme, the aftermath was a difficult time for Denny and I, anyone that's lived in the bay area knows it's not cheap, so yeah things got a bit disastrous for us at points, but the good news is that Denny and I playing together again felt right and we knew that in some way we had to find a situation where it could work. Well we finally have. The turbulent times of the Drowningman and Scheme breakups are behind us. The insanity of the past several years is gone and we're eager to approach this with clearer heads and something to prove. This is not something we would even consider doing if we thought the results would be less than spectacular. A website will be launched in the coming weeks, at which point you'll be introduced to the new guys in the band. A record of demos spanning our career will be released this summer through our good friends at Law of Inertia Records entitled "Learn to Let It Go" live performances will be announced shortly as well. Yes, we will still play old songs but in terms of newer material, were working on some next level type shit. If you want to hear us rehash our "metal emo" past it won't happen, there's plenty of bands out there doing that, if that's what you're still into... PS. outstanding merch orders will be honored, please email if your address has changed. you'll also be receiving complimentary copies of "Learn to Let It Go" when it is released to make up for the year long delay..."

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