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Maryland Deathfest postponed to 2022

Maryland Deathfest did not take place in 2020 due to COVID-19, and, sadly, it won't take place in 2021 either for the same reason. Organizers have now announced that MDF XVIII has been rescheduled for May 26-29, 2022. Some relevant details can be read below.
At this point, we don't think it's necessary to go into great detail about why we had to reschedule the festival again. We've been updating you about this possibility for months, so we assume that most of you were expecting this news to be dropped. There is simply no chance that the festival can be staged in its proper form with the majority of the bands (or fans, for that matter) being able to even show up in a short 4 months. It is pretty clear that most, if not all of 2021, is needed for the world to sort itself out to the point that we can enjoy live events again. The venue situation for 2022 is an ongoing project, but it's starting to look like this could potentially turn into our largest format ever. As of yesterday, we can confirm that we are bringing back Edison Lot, both Rams Head and Soundstage feel like they'll still be open in 2022, and we also have full use of the Power Plant complex, including the outdoor stage there. As of now, the options are plentiful and we plan to utilize all of the venues/stages mentioned above. As for the bands that we booked in 2019 to play in 2020/2021, the majority of them have once again reconfirmed to play in 2022. Those who have not reconfirmed already and aren't on the flyer shown here fall into one of the categories below. Bands that need more time to know if they can play in 2022: Bloodbath - We expect a final answer any day now, as soon as next week. Negative Approach - We expect a final answer within a month. Vio-lence - We expect a final answer in 4-6 months. Coffins - We expect a final answer in 4-6 months. Bands we haven't received a reply from, so we don't know what their status is: Phlebotomized Napalm Raid Bands that definitely cannot play in 2022 and will need to be replaced: Grave Desecrator Panzerfaust Blaze of Perdition On the subject of bands, considering the outlook of a larger footprint and the inclusion of outdoor stages in 2022, we will have the space to book more bands on top of the few that need to be replaced. However, we can't immediately dive into booking more bands, as we can't already start throwing around offers to more bands after being completely kicked in the teeth financially by the pandemic over the last year. Eventually, about 20 additional bands will be booked. The day of show for all originally confirmed bands remains the same.

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