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Drag Me Out (ex-Asking Alexandria) accused of stealing artwork

Sunday, December 13, 2020 5:26 PM PT / 14,338 views
When Drag Me Out -- the metalcore band fronted by former Asking Alexandria vocalist Denis Stoff -- returned with a new single six weeks ago, the track was accompanied by artwork that appears to be a blatant rip-off of an original piece by French artist Maxime Taccardi. You can compare the two below (Taccardi's is on the left, while the right is Drag Me Out's): original and rip-off The Drag Me Out artwork has since been featured on merch being sold by the band and their label, Sumerian Records. Taccardi appears to have discovered the uncredited imitation of his art this week, commenting, "Total rip off of my art, not only they didn't ask my permission to copy my painting, they did not even mention me as the source of inspiration. People are disrespectful; this shit pisses me off." When Taccardi's wife brought the matter to the attention of Drag Me Out drummer Chris Nokia, he allegedly responded with the following:
"Our singer [Stoff] presented it to us as it was something he created. And we believed him. I'm glad you messaged me about this, it's really bad. To be 100% honest, me, the bassist and guitarist had no idea about it, we are mostly just going with the flow of what our singer is saying, so I'm not arguing with you at all. I'm totally your friend and support you since this is a copyright infringement."
Her attempts to confront Drag Me Out member Kir Medvedev were met with less sympathy:
"WTF you want from me? I'm a musician, I don't do artworks, you stupid ass."
Vocalist Stoff subsequently issued a statement of his own in which he blamed a freelance artist:
"I need to clear this up for those who've been commenting about our single artwork - we bought it from the freelance artist and we had no idea about the similarities with a different artist. I reached out to the guy directly and I promise, we will figure it out. That's what he should've been doing in the first place instead of sending all of you to spam my comment section. That's called maturity."
This evening Taccardi put forth a follow-up statement that reads as follows:
"I stand for my art and I don't allow people to talk down on me or try to bribe me and make me look like the bad one. My art speaks better than words anyway. Thanks to those who support my work and integrity."

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