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Nails moving forward, writing new album

With drummer Taylor Young and bassist John Gianelli formally announcing their departures from Nails this week, band mastermind Todd Jones has resurfaced to inform fans that he's found "musicians to play with" and is working on the next Nails album. Jones had this to say:
"Nails is simply what people in the music industry refer to as 'off cycle' and I believe it's healthy for bands to... go away, for lack of better term, and return when they have something relevant to say, which in Nails case, would be new music as we haven't released anything in a few years. With that being said, John and Taylor are not in Nails anymore and it seems like a good time to let you know that. As people have been inquiring, the next point to address is the future of Nails. This change happened months ago, so I've had time to get things together, work on our 4th album, and find musicians to play with. When we are ready to announce that info, we will let you know. John and Taylor without a doubt made their mark on Nails, which is beyond measure and personally I will always cherish the experiences and music we shared together."

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