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Dead End America (Eyehategod, ex-QOTSA) to release debut EP

Official press release: Southern Lord presents the special debut EP from West Coast anti-Trump hardcore/punk super collective Dead End America, formed by the late, great Steve "Thee Slayer Hippy" Hanford of Poison Idea, with current and former members of Queens Of The Stone Age, Eyehategod, The Accüsed A.D., World Of Lies, Ape Machine, and more. Wholly captured before Hanford's passing earlier this year, the outfit's crushing Crush The Machine debut EP is now confirmed for digital and 7" release this Fall, the label issuing the record's cover art, track listing, a brief teaser, the liner notes by Mark Lanegan, and more. The four ripping tracks on D.E.A.'s Crush The Machine see primary writers drummer/vocalist Steve Hanford and guitarist Tony Avila (World Of Lies, Why Won't You Die, Aborted Cop, Here's Your Warning) joined by lead guitarist Ian Watts (Ape Machine, Minmae) and bassist/vocalist Nick "Rex Everything" Oliveri (Mondo Generator, The Dwarves, ex-Kyuss, ex-Queens Of The Stone Age), with additional lyrics and vocals from Mike IX Williams (Eyehategod, Corrections House, Arson Anthem, Outlaw Order) and Blaine Cook (The Accüsed A.D., The Fartz, Toe Tag). The music for Crush The Machine was recorded at House Of Tain in Milwaukee, Oregon, The Magic Closet in Stayton, Oregon, and Mondo Generator Studios in Salton Sea, California. Mike IX's vocals on "Bullet for .45 (Straight From A .45)" were recorded by Sanford Parker at Hypercube in Chicago, Illinois, and Blaine Cook's vocals on "Searching For A Reason" were recorded at RGP in Portland, Oregon. The tracks were mixed by Ian Watts at The Magic Closet and mastered by Nick Townsend at Townsend Mastering, and the EP completed with cover art by Dirty Donny and layout by Emma Maatman. See a brief teaser for Dead End America's Crush The Machine right here: Southern Lord will release Crush The Machine digitally on October 30th, with the 7" vinyl to follow a month later. Crush The Machine track listing: 1. Dead White Hands 2. Twitter Troll 3. Bullet For 45 (Straight From A .45) 4. Searching For A Reason

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