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Evile announce new lineup, set to record album

Seven years after releasing their last album, UK thrash outfit Evile have returned with a new line-up and a fully-written, new album. The band is currently negotiating a record deal and hope to release the new effort this winter. Lead guitarist (and now lead vocalist) Ol Drake has issued the following update:
"You may notice one large difference in the new Evile lineup, and that is that my brother, Matt, unfortunately left the band a while ago. He will release a statement shortly. We're sad to see him go, but we're excited about the new road ahead of us. As you can probably guess, this is why there hasn't been a fifth Evile album yet, and for that we apologise. The new album is fully written, we're ready to hit the studio, and we are currently working on a record deal. I will be taking over as the band's frontman/vocalist while also staying on lead guitar. We're also happy to announce our new member and rhythm guitarist is Adam Smith from RipTide; a band and friends local to us. Please give him a warm welcome! "The new material is in a much more aggressive vein as it feels like the natural progression for Evile; my vocal style is a much less melodic approach. We have the song titles, album title, and art confirmed and there will be an announcement soon!"

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