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Bent Life break up over allegations from 2018

Regretful over their own handling of sexual assault allegations leveled at their vocalist in 2018, Midwest hardcore outfit Bent Life have called it quits. The band has issued the following statement:
"Since the allegations of sexual assault and abuse came out a few years ago about our singer, Andy Voorhees, our aim was to show that we could publicly hold our friend accountable for his actions and ensure others that he was working to reform himself. But admittedly, we see now that we were not as transparent as we could have been and our attempt to fix things and move forward were short-sighted. "To clarify, while we truly believe that we did not put anyone at risk by continuing the band over the last two years with Andy in it, we do acknowledge that in our attempt to show the world just that, we selfishly neglected to focus on the importance of the needs of the women who were strongly affected by his transgressions in the past. Real accountability does not start until we shift that focus to them, and thankfully we still have an opportunity to set things right. We have decided to break up because despite our best intentions, it's clear that we cannot continue this band without doing so at another's expense."
Vocalist Andy Voorhees released a statement of his own, which can be read below via Twitter. Formed in 2010, Bent Life have released material with several labels, including Bridge Nine Records and 6131 Records.

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