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Attila frontman accused of sexual misconduct

Friday, June 19, 2020 9:58 AM PT

A brushfire of sorts has been burning around Attila frontman Chris Fronzak on Twitter the past two days and his attempts to quickly extinguish the blaze appear to have come up short.

Fronzak's predicament germinated on June 17, when a European woman named Roxy Vienna claimed that he "manipulated and guilt tripped" her into sleeping with him when she was underage:

The woman then shared a series of tweets in which various details of their encounters were shared:

The tweets quickly picked up steam and received several thousand interactions over the next several hours, prompting Fronzak to issue the following video statement (and screenshots), in which he denied the allegations and suggested that his ex-girlfriend, Demerie, is involved in a concerted effort to ruin his reputation:

Said ex-girlfriend weighed in, dismissing Fronzak's insinuations:

Meanwhile, Roxy Vienna continued to post more accusations and supposed evidence:

As this was happening, yet another woman stepped forward to accuse Attila drummer Bryan McClure of engaging in similar behavior:

We'll continue to monitor this evolving situation.

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