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Enterprise Earth surprise release new EP

Official press release: Foundation Of Bones is the new EP from death metal practitioners Enterprise Earth. Released today via Entertainment One (eOne), the EP serves as a surprise bridge piece from their latest full-length effort, Luciferous, into the work being laid down for their forthcoming LP and also marks the band's first self-produced output. "Foundation Of Bones was a spur of the moment idea that quickly came to fruition," elaborates Enterprise Earth guitarist Gabriel Mangold. "After returning home from our canceled tour, we began writing and finishing up new material. While listening back to some new demos and being stoked on the quality of the mixes, we thought, 'Fuck it. Let's give self-production a go and release an impromptu EP!' Dan [Watson] tracked vocals at home in Indianapolis. Brandon [Zackey] recorded drums with our good friend/sound engineer, Chris Ghazel, in Los Angeles. I did guitars, bass, production, and handled mixing/mastering duties in my tiny home trailer studio rig in Taos, New Mexico. After several days of tweaking, we had a mix that we were all very stoked on and felt comfortable moving forward with our first self-produced release. I don't think we intended to accomplish anything specific with this EP other than releasing new music that we were very excited to show the world. However, throughout the process, we realized that we were attaining something vital in addition to releasing new music: the ability to self-produce. The sound we're developing is what we want to sound like, and we've all become that much more connected to our music now that we're at the reigns throughout the entire creative and production processes. We are very excited to continue developing our sound and have decided to self-produce our next LP." Foundation Of Bones features one new song from the band (the title track), two cover tunes -- Lamb Of God's iconic "Now You've Got Something To Die For" and Necrophagist's "Fermented Offal Discharge" -- an acoustic interpretation of "There Is No Tomorrow" from their Luciferous LP, and an instrumental version of the new track. Notes Mangold, "The covers were something that we had in mind for some time, and the opportunity to do this EP prompted us to take action. Lamb Of God and Necrophagist are two huge inspirations on us, so covering these tunes was a no-brainer. We experienced a ton of electric energy tracking these as they are songs that we've loved since we were kids; hopefully, we did them justice! "The acoustic version of 'There Is No Tomorrow' was a cathartic experience," he continues. "It was inspired by bands that have done incredible acoustic renditions of their heavy tunes, namely Alice In Chains, The Contortionist, and I See Stars. Our sonic inspirations and musical expressions go much deeper than just being brutal, and we wanted to express that sentiment and develop another facet of our sound. We love melody, peaks, and valleys within a song, acoustic jams that take you on a journey, and most importantly, we love writing music that resonates strongly within us. 'There Is No Tomorrow' is easily the most melodic and emotional song from Luciferous. If any tune from that record deserved an acoustic rendition, it would be that one. That it's our collective favorite from that record, also made it an easy choice. Expect more of these acoustic renditions in the future." Enterprise Earth's Foundation Of Bones is out now digitally. In observance of Juneteenth, the band will be donating 25% of all webstore sales made today, June 19th, to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. eOne Heavy will be donating all Bandcamp revenue from Foundation Of Bones received on June 19th to the same fund. Foundation Of Bones track listing: 1. Foundation Of Bones (new track) 2. Now You've Got Something To Die For (Lamb Of God cover) 3. Fermented Offal Discharge (Necrophagist cover) 4. There Is No Tomorrow (acoustic) 5. Foundation Of Bones (instrumental)

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