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Emmure name drop fellow bands in new track 'I've Scene God'

Friday, June 12, 2020 7:41 AM PT

Emmure have unveiled another new song from their forthcoming album, Hindsight, due out June 26 through SharpTone Records. The track is titled "I've Scene God" and, interestingly, its lyrics mention a small handful of Emmure's industry peers, including Knocked Loose, Thy Art Is Murder, Nails, and Attila.

You can have a listen and (for amusement) review the lyrics below.

I both see and am God.
My eyes are reborn.
Thoughts collapsing.
I both see and am God.
My eyes are reborn.
Witness suffering.
Say you stick to your guns
But you stray from the path
Not a killa like attila when you feel my fucking wrath.
Broken teeth get knocked loose when I get nasty.
Murder thy art when I'm stepping on a track, see.
Nails in the coffin. Ice in my vein.
Pass me the crown so fit for a king.
See, you can be next.
Yeah, you can be the one.
But you'll never be me.
So you'll never be God.

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