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Upstate Friends & Family Fest 2020 announced

Monday, May 11, 2020 10:43 AM PT

The line-up has formally been announced for the inaugural Upstate Friends & Family Fest, which is scheduled to take place August 21-23 at Upstate Concert Hall in Clifton Park, NY. Tickets for the all-ages event are $15 in advance ($20 at the door) and the roster can be found below.

Mario Cangemi (Upstate Records) writes: "An Upstate Records Fest has been talked and talked about for the last couple of years. An innocent Facebook message was the catalyst to 'make it happen'. After a few messages to our bands and to Mike Valente (Brick By Brick/Upstate Black N Blue), everything came together quickly. It first started out as a single day event and rapidly turned into three days. Understandably, there is concern about the fest. However, current projections are that the lockdown in NY for arts and entertainment will be lifted around the beginning of August. As long as the projections hold true, we are confident the Fest will continue as planned. Everyone's health and safety are of the utmost priority. This Fest is all about Family and Friends. We all deserve it!"

Friday, August 21

Kings Never Die
Iron Price
Violent By Design
Close To Nothing

Saturday, August 22

These Streets
Ante Up
Bushido Code
Gloves Off
Before I Had Wings
Threat 2 Society
Inner Turmoil
Ripped Away
xForgiveness Deniedx

Sunday, August 23

Brick By Brick
Smash Your Enemies
No Mercy
Forced Under
Back To Life

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