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Suicide Silence announce 'virtual' world tour

Suicide Silence logo Official press release: Suicide Silence announces "Virtual World Tour" with unique sets exclusive merchandise and custom experiences in each market. Each show will feature a professionally filmed multi-camera live set along with an extensive post-performance Q&A. Every market will have its ticket purchase geo-gated within a reasonable radius so that only those in that general area can view its particular stream. Fans will be able to participate in a live chat with each other and the band throughout the experience. All ticket purchasers will have access to an Exclusive Merch Collection that includes an official tour shirt specifically for their market as well as a number of other items that will never be sold elsewhere. The streamed performances will go on sale several weeks or months in advance whereas fans will be able to communicate their set list preferences and make other special requests leading up to their show. Several dates are being finalized with Los Angeles and New York expected to kick things off some time in June. The band comments: "With touring conditions as they are we want to give these local metal communities a place to come together and experience a new type of Suicide Silence show. The ability for us to schedule a performance anywhere around the world with each market's time zone in mind will be a huge positive. We'll be able to play for places we've only been to once twice or maybe never before and no one other than them will ever get to see that particular performance. While we plan to begin with markets where we had to cancel or postpone recent shows we'll certainly keep all market requests in mind and add shows around the globe accordingly. Of course once we're able to properly tour without extreme audience restrictions we'll book as many shows as physically possible. Until then we'll be offering up a variety of unique virtual experiences and we can't wait for this all to kick off!"

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