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Onslaught announce new vocalist

Monday, May 4, 2020 11:07 AM PT

UK thrash metal outfit Onslaught have announced the addition of vocalist Dave Garnett to their line-up. A new album track teaser from the band can be found below.

Garnett comments: "Naturally like everyone I was gutted to hear about the departure of 'Sy Keeler'. 'Onslaughts' music and 'Sy's' vocal style has been an influence of mine for many years, so it was a great honour for me to be asked by the band to fill these very big shoes. As the new voice of 'Onslaught' I want to honour 'Sy' for his amazing performances over the years, while at the same time as bringing a new sound and energy to the band. With a new album set for release and so many live shows and festivals in the works, I will be extremely excited to step out on to the stage with great anticipation and give the fans what they deserve!"

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