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Trapt frontman challenges Ice-T to bare-knuckle fight

Trapt and Ice-T I'd rather not post updates about the Twitter antics of Trapt frontman Chris Taylor Brown, but some developments are too entertaining to ignore, so here we are. You may recall that amid Brown's Twitter dust-up with Power Trip vocalist Riley Gale last month, Brown challenged Gale to a charity boxing match. The Twitter sniping has continued in the interim, and has subsequently drawn in rapper and actor Ice-T along with NYHC veteran Danny Diablo (aka Lord Ezec). Arguing with another Twitter user over his band's streaming numbers, Ice-T and his group Body Count were brought up and Brown touted the supposedly superior streaming clout of Trapt versus Body Count. Ice-T got wind of the discussion and retweeted Trapt with, "keep talkin. We'll bump into each other one day." As is his tendency as of late, Brown used Twitter to lash out at Ice-T, prompting Diablo to join the fray. Diablo chastised Brown for insulting Ice-T and called Brown "a nobody singing for a wack band." Apparently still anxious to get his hands on Riley Gale, Brown then tweeted to Diablo that he would fight him if Gale would in turn fight him bare-knuckle. Brown subsequently claimed to have a "secret desire" to be an MMA fighter. Not content to fight just those two, Brown then returned his focus to Ice-T, challenging the icon to a bare-knuckle boxing match as well. Predictably, Ice-T laughed off the challenge and pleaded for Brown's friends to schedule an intervention. Stay tuned for our next installment of Stupid Shit the Trapt Guy Does on Twitter. (And if you want to check out our recent interview with Brown, scroll down.)

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