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Letlive. release collection of 'Fake History' demos

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of their 2010 album, Fake History, defunct post-hardcore/rock band letlive. have released a collection of early demos recorded during writing sessions for the album. The collection can be streamed and/or downloaded here. Vocalist Jason Aalon Butler had the following to say:
"This album changed basically everything. Like- everything. My career; actually- the very idea of having a career in music. My personal life- emotionally, romantically, intellectually, and physically. It was one my first major artistic risks because for the first time in my life, there were a few more people than just my closest friends and family listening to what I had created. So much love and so much loss during this era and I wouldn't change a single thing. I mean that. The relationships I made as well as those I destroyed all have a purpose and hold an extremely dear place in my heart because they guided me here to the happiest place I've ever been in my life. 'Fake History' was an enormous stepping stone forward in that very long and mercurial journey which showed me that there is an incalculable worth in vulnerability. "Thank you to my friends, thank you to my family, thank you to those ll.ifers that we're brave and beautiful enough to take these risks with me and those involved in this era and create something that I genuinely think was unlike anything else and now that I'm here I can say with a completely honest heart that I am grateful. You know who you are. First and foremost- my best fuckin friends and family that gave their time and energy at practice or at shows or literally risking their lives on tour with us in metal death traps we call "tour vans". This would have never happened without you. To the romance I experienced during and due to this album- I wasn't able to say it then because I was insecure and at sea with who I was emotionally, but I want to say it now- I love you. Thank you for doing your best to accept a seemingly broken man and believing I could be better. And to the patrons; the lifers- you are letlive. Standing up and proudly representing a movement that never quite fit in with the other ones around it and then creating your own space for it to thrive was, and still is to this day, one of the most inspiring things I have ever experienced. "That shit came full circle today as I release these demos via my own label collective 333 Wrecks. Life is wild sometimes (in my case, often times). Those that know me know that I most definitely will get verbose and employ grandiloquence if I'm feeling something and today I am feeling it. That being said- I thank you from the deepest part of my heart for the most wild and wonderful times of my life. If you were involved in this era in anyway and these demos and the album it became speak to you- I ll.ove you."

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