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More info on Sepultura album

Mon, November 20, 2000 6:23 PM PT2,002 views

Roadrunner Records has received rough mixes for 18 tracks from Sepultura for their upcoming album, Nation. Here are four bits of information from the label regarding the new album:
  • There is an instrumental titled "Valtio" which features the Finnish String Quartet Apocalyptica.
  • Sepultura will be doing a couple covers this time around, one titled "Annihilation", from Crucifix and the other titled "Rise Above", from legends Black Flag.
  • Expect to see either Henry Rollins or Jello Biafra (ex-Dead Kennedys) to guest on a track called "Politrix"
  • Dr. Israel, world famous dub producer (reggae w/ lots of low end and psychedelic shit), will be doing a remix of the track "Tribe To A Nation"

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