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NYC hardcore drummer Vinnie Value dies

Drummer Vinnie Value (real name Vincent Verga), has passed away. Verga was previously a member of several New York City hardcore punk bands, including Warzone, Kill Your Idols, and No Redeeming Social Value. Details surrounding his death have yet to be disclosed. Kill Your Idols paid tribute to Vinnie with the following statement: "Vinnie was loved. We loved him, and he was beloved anywhere we went. Vinnie loved people, too. And his light was spread all over the world in his music and his travels with NRSV, Warzone, Grey Area, KYI, SSSP, and more. Vinnie had a large personality, the only drummer we ever knew that was also a frontman from behind the drums. We'll never forget him. Vinnie was also a husband and father... please pray or send PMA in the direction of his family. And thank you to everyone who has expressed your condolences. Rest In Peace, brother Vinnie Value"

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