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Ministry guitarist accused of having sex with two minors

Friday, January 17, 2020 8:19 PM PT

Ministry guitarist Sin Quirin (ex-Revolting Cocks, American Head Charge) has been accused by two women of taking part in underage sexual relationships. Both relationships allegedly took place before Quirin was a member of Ministry.

Kelly Longoria says that she met Quirin in 2002 while he was a member of industrial metal band Society 1. The band was in San Antonio, Texas to perform and Longoria was a high school sophomore, age 15. The two developed a relationship and began having sex while Longoria was still 15 and Quirin was 33. Sexual relations continued for several years, ending some time after Longoria reached early adulthood.

Meanwhile, a (publicly) unidentified entertainment industry worker also claims to have had sex with Quirin when she was a minor. The two purportedly met at a 2005 Society 1 performance in Portland, Oregon. According to SPIN, Quirin approached the 16-year-old girl and her friends following the show, stating that he and his bandmates had no place to sleep that night. The girl invited them to stay at her house, and the two had sex that night, then again the following night in Tacoma, Washington.

According to Billboard and sister publication SPIN, Society 1 vocalist Matt Zane had shared the following via Facebook to Quirin's one-time girlfriend, singer Lacey Sculls, regarding Quirin's behavior:

"Honestly, I knew about his fascination with young girls and I did catch him crossing the line a few times. Although the major situation where he was sleeping with a 15-year-old was wrong he said he was going to marry her when she turned legal. As I said, it wasn't until later that dozens of girls came forward to me on the web (Myspace at the time) and told me what he was really doing to people on the road."

Through an attorney, Quirin denied having a sexual relationship with anyone "under the age of majority."

For more details, you can read an extremely thorough account of the events and aftermath via Billboard.

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