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The Agonist bassist banned from U.S., to miss tour

The Agonist bass player and backing vocalist Chris Kells will be unable to accompany the Canadian metal band on their forthcoming U.S. tour with Fleshgod Apocalypse as the result of a previous issue with border control. Pavlo Haikalis will be filling in. Kells has issued the following explanation:
"It comes with great disappointment and frustration to announce that I will not be on the 70k of metal cruise, or the upcoming Fleshgod Apocalypse tour this March with The Agonist. "This comes as a result not of choice but because of US border regulations. "As some of you already know I work in video production while being home from tour. The corporate video company I work for here in Montreal had me go to the states a couple of times to perform interviews and get video footage of the clients who we were working with. "Unfortunately, the last time I went to cross into the USA, a CBP (border control) officer deemed me inadmissible and banned me from entering America for 5 years. This was a result of misguided information given to me, and the CBP, by my EMPLOYER, at the time of entry. This essentially led to me being cornered by officers, and forced to sign documents acknowledging my apparent misconduct. (This evidently has nothing to do with playing awesome music for people in our beautiful neighbour country) "Sadly I have applied for a waiver from these ridiculous charges but have still been denied entry regardless. "It has been an extremely aggravating year trying to get all this figured out with Immigration lawyers and has caused me great mental distress, as playing shows with my friends in The Agonist is one of my most cherished experiences of life. I am left at a loss and have no further options but to seek a temporary replacement for all US related shows! "That being said, I would like to take the time to introduce you all to a great friend of mine, Pavlo Haikalis, who will be filling in for me. Pavlo has always been there on the sidelines for The Agonist. Helping out with gear, pre production process, building my custom PHG basses for me, and just all around being the great dude that he is. Please welcome him with open arms and horns up! I can't imagine anybody else to better kick ass for me in this trying time."

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