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Green Day donate $2k for Denny's punk show damage

Monday, December 23, 2019 7:05 AM PT / 8,381 views

It looks like teenage promoter Bryson Del Valle won't have to dip into his parents' pockets to cover the damage left by the hardcore punk gig he booked at a Southern California Denny's restaurant earlier this month. In fact, he might have enough left over to pay for a college class or two. Punk rock icons Green Day caught wind of the story following some major news coverage (via Time, Newsweek, Fox News, etc.) last week and contributed $2,000 to Del Valle's GoFundMe over the weekend. Between his own fundraiser and the one launched by the band who played the gig, Wacko, a total of roughly $4,700 has been raised on Del Valle's behalf, more than enough to cover the $1,800 he owed for damage to the Denny's dining room. Props to Green Day for supporting the California punk scene.

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