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Relapse Records signs Raspberry Bulbs

Tuesday, December 17, 2019 10:38 AM PT

Official press release:

New York's Raspberry Bulbs (featuring members of Bone Awl and Rorschach) make their Relapse Records debut with their highly-anticipated new album, Before the Age of Mirrors.

Listen to the album's first single "Ultra Vires" on YouTube here:

Before the Age of Mirrors is due out February 21, 2020 on CD/LP/CS/digital. Cassette edition covers are handmade, stamped, and signed by band founder M. Del Rio. Physical packages are available for pre-order via Relapse.com.

Forever defying the conventions of underground music, Raspberry Bulbs continue to push the envelope via their subversive take on occult punk and black metal. Through maniacal lyricism, raw guitar snarls channeled through gritty, four-track recordings, and a wall of distortion, Raspberry Bulbs suffocate the listener every step of the way.

Raspberry Bulbs emphasize the volatile, confrontational attitudes of punk with the discordant sounds of lo-fi black metal and inspirational fever dreams found only in weird fiction. In the band's own words, "Equal parts paranoia, anger, and insane humor to satisfy the most cynical minds, Before the Age of Mirrors was crafted for the times where we desperately look for a way forward and we seem, at this dazzling stage, almost prepared to step through the mirror."

Before the Age of Mirrors track listing:

01. Spitting From On High
02. They're After Me
03. Interlude 1
04. Missing Teeth
05. Doggerel
06. Interlude II
07. Midnight Line
08. Reclaimed Church
09. Interlude III
10. Ultra Vires
11. Interlude IV
12. Given Over To History

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