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Prosthetic Records signs Bismuth

Tuesday, December 10, 2019 12:53 PM PT

Heavy-slow duo Bismuth have announced their signing to Prosthetic Records.

The Nottingham, UK-based two-piece, consisting of Tanya Byrne (bass, vocals) and Joe Rawlings (drums) released their latest album, The Slow Dying Of The Great Barrier Reef, in 2018.

Of their signing to the U.S. label, Tanya comments: "We are excited to share that we will working with Prosthetic Records and they will be releasing our music going forward. We are heading into the studio later next year to record album number three!"

E.J. Johantgen of Prosthetic Records adds: "There's such a rich seam of heavy underground talent in the UK at the moment - and Bismuth are a band that caught our eye for their distinctiveness and passion. We're really looking forward to working with Tanya and Joe, and supporting them as we see where this journey takes us."

Bismuth are currently writing material for their next album, which will be recorded in 2020 and released via Prosthetic.

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