NewsNovember 13, 2019 4:21 PM ET1,956 views

Like Moths To Flames release new EP

Like Moths To Flames have just dropped a three-song EP. Where the Light Refuses To Go is their first official release on UNFD and features brand new single "Into The Black." "Excited to release the last single from the 'Where the Light Refuses To Go' EP. The songs are a collection of what we've been working on between the last album cycle and now," offers vocalist Chris Roetter. "The team at UNFD has been the driving force behind a lot of the ideas around the release and what's to happen in the future. Closing out the year with the release gives us the chance to get busy writing!" Where the Light Refuses To Go is a three-song collection comprised today's new single as well as recently released "All That You Lost" and "Smoke and Mirrors." Fans can stream Where the Light Refuses To Go here:

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