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Counterparts album debuts in Billboard Top 100

Canadian melodic hardcore/metalcore ensemble Counterparts have earned their highest chart and sales debut to date via new LP, Nothing Left to Love. The outing sold roughly 7,800 copies (7,000 pure album sales) in its first week of release in the United States, powering the record to a No. 97 debut on the Billboard 200, the band's first appearance in the Top 100. Additionally, Nothing Left to Love landed at No. 1 on the Hard Rock Album Sales chart, No. 1 on the Independent Albums chart, No. 11 on the Top Current Albums chart, No. 4 on the Rock Album Sales chart, No. 13 on the Top Album Sales chart. And thus Counterparts continue their upward trajectory as each successive album sells more first-week copies than its predecessor. Their previous album, 2017's You're Not You Anymore, sold 6,300 in its first week and bowed at No. 112 on the Billboard 200. Going back further, Tragedy Will Find Us (2015) debuted at No. 117 on the Billboard 200 after tallying first-week sales of 5,600. Counterparts' third LP, The Difference Between Hell & Home (2013), sold 1,600 copies in its first week of release, not enough for a Billboard 200 appearance.

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