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Windhand robbed in Texas

Richmond, Virginia doom metal band Windhand were the victims of theft in Houston, Texas last night. Unfortunately, a significant portion of the group's gear was stolen. Windhand provided the following details:
Got robbed in Houston last night. Keep an eye out for this gear. We're waiting to file a report but this is what we've tagged as missing so far. There will be more to come. Spread the news far and wide: - '79 Rickenbacker 4001 (maybe walnut burst) with a busted pick guard and the D string tunes in the wrong direction. Beat to shit. - '2011 White Gibson SG. White bridge pickup with personal info and identifying marks under the pick guard. Beat to shit. In a Gibson case with G1 painted on it. - 2013 black Gibson SG (not pictured). Silver pickups with '1974' painted under the pickups. In a Gibson case with G2 painted on it. - '82 Rickenbacker 4001 bass with a Seymour Duncan bridge pickup. Almost everything is blacked out including a custom-made black truss rod cover so it doesn't say "Rickenbacker." This was in a custom @emperorcabinets flight case covered in stickers and, you guessed it, beat to shit. - Ludwig black beauty snare (not pictured). 14x6.5" in a case with our logo spray painted on it. - Ogio backpack - Ray ban wayfarer sunglasses - Sennheiser hd380 headphones - 2nd gen ipad in case with Keyboard - Silver iPod - Microphones in gator case with windhand and Genocide pact sticker. My name Chris Moore on case (Dag nasty and windhand stickers) Microphones: Shure beta 91 Shure beta 52 Shure beta 57 Shure sm57 x 3 Sennheiser e604 x 3 Audio technica ae3000 Heil pr40 Heil pr48 Radial jrx 48 Whirlwind imp2 Shure ksm137

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