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What We Do In Secret sign with Facedown Records, debut song

Official press release: Between the dichotomies of life – aggression and peace, darkness and light, love and chaos – sits a dissonant space where the truth exists, for those who have the courage to find it. Positioned right in the middle of that dissonance is What We Do In Secret, a Memphis metalcore band that has leveraged aggression to find peace, explored darkness to find light, and committed to love in a world drenched in chaos. What We Do In Secret follows their previous EP, The Migration, with a full-length studio album, Repose, set to release November 22, via Facedown Records. The band's debut LP is available for pre-order, and the first single "918" is streaming on all digital platforms.


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carveyournamein 10/8/2019 12:35:10 PM

"Leveraged aggression to find peace" who writes this shit????

anonymous 10/8/2019 1:06:39 PM

We know what they do in secret. They have sex with each other. Worst secret ever.

anonymous 10/8/2019 2:43:10 PM

Here is an extensive list of all the quality bands that Facedown Records has signed: ...

anonymous 10/8/2019 4:35:43 PM

Darby Crash would be pissed

anonymous 10/8/2019 8:55:26 PM

facedown records still exists!? that's the real secret.

anonymous 10/8/2019 8:58:19 PM

How do you go from Dodgin Bullets,/Falling Cycle/Point Of Recognition to this...

anonymous 10/8/2019 9:01:43 PM

Jason Dunn has obviously put a lot of work into this label. But their shit peaked in 2003 when Comeback and Sinai Beach signed to bigger labels. Impending Doom/Sleeping Giant and xDeathstarx were a straight up joke, and now they go signing some gay band like this. Time to hang it up.

anonymous 10/9/2019 6:26:16 AM

Point of Recognition - No One Gets Out Alive > this bs

anonymous 10/9/2019 12:22:55 PM

What we do in secret isn't a good name for a band from the south. They're either committing incest or fcking children. Terrible band name for sure

anonymous 10/9/2019 4:27:26 PM

^sgut up yankee

anonymous 10/10/2019 6:16:48 AM

They didn't even get the name of the Germs song they named themselves after right. It's IS, not IN

anonymous 10/10/2019 12:16:57 PM

holy shit nobody is going to listen this trash

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