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Ill Nino vocalist arrested for domestic battery

Saturday, August 17, 2019 8:49 PM PT / 7,279 views

Cristian Machado, vocalist of Ill NiƱo (or at least one version of the fractured band), was arrested earlier this month on charges of domestic battery. The arrest allegedly took place on August 9 in Temecula, California, with the charges categorized as "crime of battery against a spouse or cohabitant, also known as misdemeanor domestic violence." Originally booked into a detention facility, the 45-year-old Machado was released on bail hours later, with a hearing scheduled in October. Earlier today, Machado issued a video statement via Facebook in which he called the allegations "100% false" and "premeditated." You can watch the video below. Machado also threatened his accusers with "massive legal retribution." [via MetalSucks]


anonymous 8/17/2019 9:37:24 PM

"I am loco to get your ass in a chokehold"

anonymous 8/17/2019 10:09:01 PM

New merauder joint "lucajoo" put soon.

anonymous 8/17/2019 11:17:11 PM

trust no one over 40 in a nu metal band

anonymous 8/17/2019 11:41:05 PM

Aye guey

anonymous 8/18/2019 6:28:37 AM

freddy vs jason 40 below summer

anonymous 8/18/2019 8:29:31 AM

Jackasses like you are why my people like my dad responds to the call to arrest you but comes home angry doing the same, leading to jackasses like Epstein talking to me when I was just a kid.

anonymous 8/18/2019 8:55:29 AM

Thoroughly more shocked that Il Nino is still a band. That's the real crime here.

anonymous 8/18/2019 9:12:31 AM

He's a great dude who always hangs out after shows and Ill Nino is fcking AMAZING - Someone smoking meth somewhere

anonymous 8/18/2019 11:24:37 AM

Who the fck is this band?

anonymous 8/18/2019 11:45:11 AM

I'll give you $1000 if you can produce a picture or video of some liberal actually housing a homeless person; or at least scooping up some homeless doo-doo off the sidewalk. Liberals are the worst.

anonymous 8/18/2019 2:48:23 PM

A real man hires another man to beat their woman. At least we know when all this is over he can spin his redemption arc into a reunion for his shit band.

anonymous 8/18/2019 6:45:31 PM

Could be worse, he could be Rob Fusco.

anonymous 8/18/2019 9:24:04 PM

Temecula? 100% wife beating territory

anonymous 8/18/2019 10:23:27 PM

All 45 year old men should rock that hairstyle. I'll bet he looks so dapper walking into the entrance of the Old Country Buffet.

anonymous 8/19/2019 6:16:30 AM

remember that Chris Farley Ill Nino skit? Man, that was funny.

anonymous 8/19/2019 11:35:49 AM

What a pssy lol

anonymous 8/19/2019 6:18:03 PM

"Those of you who are actually worried" = NOBODY

anonymous 8/19/2019 6:20:07 PM

Hey Buddy, does the carpet match the drapes?

anonymous 8/20/2019 12:04:20 PM

He is sooooo high filming this.

anonymous 8/29/2019 6:51:44 AM

People here are really bitter. are your own lives really so sad? Anyways, let's see where these accusations go...

anonymous 139 days ago

This is all being compiled for a legal case in his benefit, because the proof of coming out as premeditated was and pre planned by his former drummer came out in the court case and the investigation this is fake news, and a bunch of idiots who have nothing better to do than talk sh&t on the internewt without having the facts.

anonymous 139 days ago

PERIOD!###Big FACTS bro, he was proven innocent last year in a courtroom, why is this bullshit STILL ON THE NET?

anonymous 34 days ago

Sure would've been cool of y'all to post a follow up when he was proven to be completely innocent in this whole thing. But of course that news isn't as juicy so you just leave this bullshit on the internet for clicks

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