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Bring Me The Horizon and Halsey collaboration on the way

Sunday, July 28, 2019 5:47 PM PT / 3,653 views
A rumored collaboration between pop star Halsey and members of Bring Me The Horizon has been confirmed by both parties. While details of the endeavor remain undisclosed, Bring Me The Horizon vocalist Oli Sykes and keyboardist Jordan Fish apparently spent five "long ass" days together in London (see below). Meanwhile, Halsey shared a video of herself in the studio tracking vocals, presumably with Fish and Sykes on hand.
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"is it too crazy?" ????? @jordanfish86 @olobersykes

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anonymous 7/28/2019 7:39:13 PM


anonymous 7/29/2019 6:22:41 AM

Kids that wear hoodies in summer are stoked.

carveyournamein 7/29/2019 6:30:39 AM


anonymous 7/29/2019 7:03:14 AM

Emmure should be on this

anonymous 7/29/2019 7:31:48 AM

This is one of the chicks thats got pissed on by oli?

anonymous 7/29/2019 7:32:22 AM

This will topple Slayer

anonymous 7/29/2019 7:39:44 AM

Lambgoat why do you still cover these losers? They're basically the British Maroon 5 by now

anonymous 7/29/2019 7:41:26 AM

this is what the edge of your seat was made for bmth or no care

anonymous 7/29/2019 8:11:59 AM

exactly 0 people give a shit

anonymous 7/29/2019 8:15:20 AM

I'm sure it's not "sick" you abhorrent scene slut

anonymous 7/29/2019 8:44:49 AM

why is this on a metal site. infinitely go fck yourself

anonymous 7/29/2019 9:15:05 AM

We.bby: a complete and total wimp poser

anonymous 7/29/2019 9:17:14 AM

lol jelly soys everywhere. enjoy playing vfw's to 15 people or whatever stinky house show you got booked on. your reward for all of this is about $15, warm beer, and another day of your shitty life as a jiffy lube employee, or another goo-mopper tier gig. sorry life sucks.

anonymous 7/29/2019 9:31:37 AM

^ Cool fact: if you bash things that are genuinely awful on a news/messageboard you're "jelly". Go back to Tumblr, idiot.

anonymous 7/29/2019 9:35:51 AM

Yep wimps and posers leave the hall... Or just congregate @lambgoat.com.

anonymous 7/29/2019 9:50:40 AM

^ definitely wears hoodies in the summer and feels comfortable in tall tees

anonymous 7/29/2019 10:06:03 AM

yooooooooooo this is worse than the worst form of cancer

anonymous 7/29/2019 12:46:52 PM

^ nah this is actually cool. imagine making music as a career and retiring from it than fruit baskets like you uploading your solo black metal demos to soundcloud while your mom makes dinner. hope your shift at family video tomorrow is chill.

anonymous 7/29/2019 1:07:17 PM

^ same with this guy. Definite hoodie in summer type.

anonymous 7/30/2019 1:52:17 AM

Definitely likes to be pissed on

anonymous 7/30/2019 4:40:39 AM


anonymous 7/30/2019 7:12:57 AM

if you made music to retire from you're pathetic. Hate to burst your bubble, but success doesn't equal good

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