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Betraying The Martyrs cancel tour after gear destroyed

Friday, July 12, 2019 2:43 PM PT / 5,614 views

Betraying The Martyrs van on fire Betraying The Martyrs have been forced to cancel the remainder of their North American tour after being involved in a "serious auto incident" following their in Los Angeles two days ago. The incident occurred around 4 am on Thursday, July 11 when the trailer portion of the band's Mercedes Sprinter van caught fire. All band and crew members were able to safely to exit the vehicle with no major injuries, however, all of the band's equipment and personal belongings were lost in the blaze. Singer Aaron Matts commented on the scene: "We're all shaken by what has happened this morning. We're well but very heartbroken that all we have worked hard to accumulate over the years, both in musical equipment, and personal belongings has been lost in a matter of minutes. I'm grateful that we have our health, each other, and were able to walk away with the clothes on our backs. We are extremely sorry to have missed another opportunity to play for those that were looking forward to see us. We'll bounce back and we'll see you soon. Thank you." Guitarist Baptiste Vigier also added: "This is the most tragic event that has ever happened in our band's career, and in my entire life. Earlier this morning, I was awakened by our driver screaming and urging us all to get out of the vehicle. Although I'm incredibly thankful to still be alive and tell this story, I lost all my gear and personal belongings. We feel incredibly powerless and in shock." A GoFundMe campaign has been launched to offset losses. The band says, "If you've ever had the chance to catch BTM live, if you know the band or simply follow what we do, if you've shared the stage with us, if you've ever listened to or streamed our music, we're asking for your help. Any donation will be incredibly helpful to all of us and will go directly towards rebuilding our band, to help us get back home and ultimately to keep doing what we love, which is creating music and sharing it with our fans." Betraying The Martyrs guitar after fire Betraying The Martyrs keyboard after fire Betraying The Martyrs trailer after fire Betraying The Martyrs fire


anonymous 7/12/2019 3:12:12 PM

Publicity stunt

anonymous 7/12/2019 3:15:25 PM

Burn it down and walk away - Zao

rabbit_belt 7/12/2019 4:01:29 PM

first two comments are the best

anonymous 7/12/2019 4:04:24 PM

Band pulled a Harms Way and is waiting for that payout.

anonymous 7/12/2019 4:06:25 PM

Hold the fcking phone. These kids had the money for a fcking Sprinter Van AND A PERSONAL DRIVER, yet they want YOUR money? Ha ha.

anonymous 7/12/2019 4:20:36 PM

Money will be made. Gear will be replaced. Friendships will blossom. I really believe things will start turning around for these guys now. If not... I don't really care.

anonymous 7/12/2019 6:21:10 PM

That's why someone should always stay with the van

anonymous 7/12/2019 6:22:46 PM


anonymous 7/12/2019 6:32:51 PM

Some of that stuff can still be fixed and used. Just needs to be cleaned and fitted with new strings, resoldered, etc. Boiling strings in hot water will make them as good as new. You can save money that way. So instead of milking their fanbase for funds, they should put in some elbow grease.

anonymous 7/12/2019 6:40:54 PM

My money's on a bad wiring job short-circuiting.

anonymous 7/12/2019 7:02:45 PM

Insurance job for sure. Can't afford a sprinter and a driver playing for 32 people a night.

anonymous 7/12/2019 7:44:41 PM

Is lambgoat always this quick to shit on bands. I doubt it's a Harms Way guys.

anonymous 7/12/2019 7:56:45 PM

Assuming this is legit, hopefully these guys get the memo and just break up for good.

anonymous 7/12/2019 8:01:10 PM

4 opening bands with vans and gear. Can't spilt up and borrow some gear and finish it out? Get some shirts shipped a day or two down the road? Lol for having a Mercedes sprinter and driver too

anonymous 7/12/2019 8:11:59 PM

Opening bands probably payed to play and have to drive home now

anonymous 7/13/2019 12:27:28 AM

That's what they get for betraying martyrs. Jesus Saves.

anonymous 7/13/2019 12:33:12 AM

dudes in oakland would still steal the van

anonymous 7/13/2019 12:37:26 AM

Dudes in Oakland would still steal the van. ^^^^^ Dudes in Dallas would still steal the van, too.

anonymous 7/13/2019 1:24:23 AM

i'm rewatching The Office again.

anonymous 7/13/2019 2:44:29 AM

Antifa wears masks just like the KKK. Also, like the KKK, the members of Antifa want to remain anonymous so they can still exist in mainstream society when they know their "ideals" are indefensible. Basically, they're all terrorists who should be in prison.

anonymous 7/13/2019 3:45:18 AM

That's why someone should always stay with the van ^fckin LOL

anonymous 7/13/2019 8:57:33 AM

anonymous6 hours ago Antifa wears masks just like the KKK. Also, like the KKK, the members of Antifa want to remain anonymous so they can still exist in mainstream society when they know their "ideals" are indefensible. Basically, they're all terrorists who should be in prison. Both groups are a mix of government agents and useful idiots/true believers. Don't be so easily fooled.

anonymous 7/13/2019 12:00:04 PM

Gofund me, not this emocore.

anonymous 7/13/2019 12:14:52 PM

rolling meth lab

mummified_circuitry 7/13/2019 4:58:36 PM

why don't these idiots have insurance

anonymous 7/14/2019 1:36:53 PM

Glad they got out of Harms Way. Must have been a Higher Power looking out for them.

anonymous 7/15/2019 8:35:58 PM

Blows my mind that people still feel the need to comment about the negativity in the lambgoat comments section its been like this for literally 20 years

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