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Silverstein sign with UNFD, share new single

Official press release: Silverstein has signed with UNFD. With the signing announcement comes a brand-new song from the band, who will be celebrating 20 years together in 2020. Fans can now listen to "Burn It Down" featuring Caleb Shomo here: Caleb Shomo is the frontman for the Columbus Ohio, hardcore band, Beartooth. While both bands have performed live together a handful of times as Silvertooth, "Burn It Down" is the first recorded music they've collaborated on. The new song is the first since 2017's Dead Reflection, the band's ninth studio album. On April 12, Silverstein released Redux: The First Ten Years, which featured newly recorded versions of selected songs from their first four studio albums. "The song picks up right where Dead Reflection left off," explains Silverstein vocalist Shane Told. "It has the catchiness and riffiness of that album, but production wise and vocally we took another progressive step in a direction we feel great about. It hits hard and tells a story but gets you straight to the point. It's not messing around - direct and in your face. Once the bridge section music was completed, we could imagine Caleb's voice working so perfectly over it - so we sent it to him and said 'do your thing'. He sent it back and I just about fell over when I heard it." Silverstein will be recording their ninth studio album later this year, which will be released in 2020. The band is composed of Shane Told, Paul Koehler, Billy Hamilton, Paul Marc Rousseau and Josh Bradford.


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anonymous 6/27/2019 7:20:23 AM

lol. What? This definitely wasn't asked for. Actually, I think we specifically asked for this not to happen.

anonymous 6/27/2019 7:25:17 AM

I preferred End of the Sidewalk, but then again, I didn't ask for this

anonymous 6/27/2019 7:27:53 AM

Finally some real good metalcore news

anonymous 6/27/2019 7:36:21 AM

Everyone out here copying the musical movements of the Fever 333 dawg. It's like they don't even know the 3 C's or the revolution that is buying our Linkin Park record. Dawg this is mad whack. -Jason Alan Butler

anonymous 6/27/2019 8:06:56 AM

After successfully signing to every metalcore label in north america, they're now scouring other continents for investors

thetOWerofroME 6/27/2019 9:14:16 AM

Lol at this band still existing

anonymous 6/27/2019 10:30:06 AM

all the swoop hairs in their girl jeans are stoked

anonymous 6/27/2019 10:51:36 AM

This song isn't bad I'm looking forward to seeing them next month with August Burns Red!

anonymous 6/27/2019 12:41:14 PM

haters are gonna hate, this band been around longer and made more money than any of the garbage hardcore bands you guys listen to. Go push pit each other off a cliff and drink another monster, morons

anonymous 6/27/2019 1:12:42 PM

The fat autistic should interview this band

anonymous 6/27/2019 7:59:39 PM

LMAO at beartooth being labeled a hardcore band

anonymous 7/1/2019 3:50:14 PM

This is an example of a band who's outlasted 90% of their peers by just doing them. I k ow exactly what this album will sound like... Silverstein. Not mad at that.

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