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Lamb Of God and Devildriver vocalists team up for apparel brand

Official press release: In 2014, DevilDriver and Coal Chamber frontman Dez Fafara peeled off his wetsuit and sat down next to his wife Anahstasia to watch the sun disappear into the Pacific. Fresh off yet another grueling tour, he had gone to the beach to wash the road off with a surf session. As the sun sank into the sea, Anahstasia remarked how much it looked like a logo. Dez turned to his wife and told her he had an idea for a new family business... thus, Suncult was born. At the same time, across the country on a North Carolina sea island, Randy Blythe was on a touring break from his band, Lamb of God. A lifelong skateboarder, Blythe had just begun surfing. Within two years, he would ride waves in Asia, South America, Australia, and both coasts of the United States. Surfing had become an obsession, matched only by his passion for underground music. Fafara and Blythe had already been friends for over a decade, putting literally thousands of miles of road beneath their boots as their bands toured the world together. Once Dez found out Randy had started surfing, it was only a matter of time before they would ride waves together - a few years later, a friendship born of music was sealed in saltwater. After several epic sessions, in 2018, the Fafaras invited Blythe to become a partner in their growing family business, and the cult expanded. Now, the new surf apparel and lifestyle brand Suncult is officially relaunching as a partnership of the Fafara family and Randy Blythe, and in celebration, is offering a special discount code that will offer 10% off of your entire purchase from the site. Enter the code SuncultFam at checkout, or visit the link directly to order and the discount will automatically be added to your cart at checkout.
Dez Fafara says, "Watching the relaunching of the Suncult brand has been absolutely fulfilling in so many ways for myself and the Fafara family. We've brought in Randy, who from day one was a supporter and understood what we were trying to do with the brand, and has become family himself as he actually has a room here at the Fafara house! We have truly upped the game with new designs as well as kept the aesthetic of the brand for the outcasts, the outsiders, and those who are on the fringes of society, much like ourselves. We are equal parts skate and surf, and are dedicated to the metal/punk rock music lifestyle we live daily - on tour, in the water surfing, or hitting the asphalt on boards! We will be doing beach clean ups to give back to the community, as well as a few pop up shops to give buyers the chance to get in on Suncult. I'm very much looking forward to seeing where Suncult takes us in 2019 and beyond as we enter into discussions with stores and buyers that are reaching out to carry the brand! Thank you for the continued support - here's to good times ahead!" Randy Blythe adds, "When Dez asked me if I wanted to become a partner in his family's brand, Suncult, my answer was simple: 'I kinda thought I already was.' Suncult started as a surf-centric brand, and while surfing is one of the core elements of what we do (and always will be, since we surf Suncult boards together all the time), we wanted to expand it to encompass different aspects of our lifestyle that other people outside of surfing identify with. That means including the darker aesthetics of the metal and punk music we listen to, the classic horror films we watch, and the urban aggression of a skateboard or bike ride through the cities we spend so much time in on tour. Suncult isn't for the "beautiful people," the Gidget-Beach-Blanket-Bingo set; it's for the freaks, misfits, and weirdos who are already on a permanent aggro-vacation with Dracula. Personally, in a creative capacity, it's been gratifying for me to see a few concepts I helped sketch out turn into new designs (including one I've had as an idea for a tattoo for 20 years - so cool to see it on a shirt). I really enjoy bouncing ideas around with Dez and crew, then watching our artist bring them to life. I'm looking forward to doing some pop-ups, sponsoring beach cleanups, and meeting the people who 'get' what it is we are doing as the brand grows. We'll know you when we see you..."


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fourthgradecocktease 5/9/2019 12:21:31 PM

Ed Hardcorey

anonymous 5/9/2019 12:27:17 PM

Peeled off his wetsuit? Dez is starting a gay porn website.

anonymous 5/9/2019 12:33:18 PM

Dudes who wear sandals and smell like poo poo are stoked.

anonymous 5/9/2019 12:38:00 PM

Is This Hardcore? should be on this

anonymous 5/9/2019 12:50:48 PM

so, the logo his wife saw was the black flag logo?

anonymous 5/9/2019 12:59:21 PM

I went on that website to look for a nice pair of pleated chinos, but none to be found. I thought the brand was catering to misfits and outcasts.

anonymous 5/9/2019 1:16:26 PM

Randy Blythe, like I've said all this time, is a murderer and known gay. Now he's into surfing? Thanks but no thanks, we're good Randall.

anonymous 5/9/2019 1:19:05 PM

Should have been called Sunc*nt

anonymous 5/9/2019 1:22:49 PM


anonymous 5/9/2019 1:23:41 PM

Jesus H. fck. Donovan loves censorship more than Josef Stalin. Check out how many gay words are censored in this post!

anonymous 5/9/2019 1:24:54 PM

First sponsor is the vocalist for Decrepit Birth

anonymous 5/9/2019 1:25:11 PM

At least they are only censored. God forbid you mention Rob Fusco or the country of N-i-g-e-r and the whole post gets deleted. Yet tons of other ridiculous and offensive shit is allowed.

anonymous 5/9/2019 1:33:29 PM

2 Corny Dudes Clothing should be the name.

fourthgradecocktease 5/9/2019 1:39:24 PM

"Jesus H. fck. Donovan loves censorship more than Josef Stalin. Check out how many gay words are censored in this post!" Webmaster is still webmaster, Donovan is now Rick Shut up lol

anonymous 5/9/2019 2:15:38 PM

This is great news for aging Affliction bros that still want to look tough with their families Disneyworld

anonymous 5/9/2019 2:22:25 PM

Dudes who get pushed off the concert stages are stoked for this.

anonymous 5/9/2019 2:37:47 PM

So dude starts a clothing company and no one cares. Then he "relaunches" with a bigger "celebrity" involved so he can send out a press release. Nerds.

anonymous 5/9/2019 2:40:23 PM

Guys in Eastern European prison showers are stoked for this.

anonymous 5/9/2019 3:36:35 PM

this is not punk rock

anonymous 5/9/2019 4:21:47 PM

Honestly. Im sick and fck8ng tired of seeing blythe's feet. Put some fcking shoes on dude. No one wants to see that shit

anonymous 5/9/2019 4:37:45 PM

All these people starting "brands" . Who actually buys this shit.

anonymous 5/9/2019 4:50:35 PM

"All these people starting "brands" . Who actually buys this shit." fcking no one. A handful of die hard fans will buy a few things, maybe some surfer will think one of the designs is cool but that's it. These clowns think they're some kind of cultural icons. How many fans of these bands do you think surf? I mean, how many could stand up on a surfboard?

anonymous 5/9/2019 6:42:52 PM

Don't these guys know that they're just huge douchers?????

anonymous 5/9/2019 7:29:00 PM

*menthols not included with purchase*

anonymous 5/9/2019 8:29:21 PM

trust no one over 50 in a nu metal band. imagine being at this stage in life and collectively agreeing this venture is a good idea. blythe is the biggest loser in heavy music. insufferable

anonymous 5/9/2019 8:57:32 PM

I'm even the typical dejected loser who comments here and this cringes me out

anonymous 5/9/2019 9:29:14 PM

The worst "Brand" is that omertamia bullshit

anonymous 5/10/2019 5:16:11 AM

Zao will not be buying any of this.

anonymous 5/10/2019 5:33:17 AM

I hope Todd Jones writes a song about how he's too cool for this.

anonymous 5/10/2019 5:50:06 AM

Fingers crossed that Dez runs into Fury of Five and gets beaten up foreal over this shit

anonymous 5/10/2019 7:04:41 AM

Johnny Utah wouldn't buy this stuff.

anonymous 5/10/2019 7:41:57 AM

Pacsun / Hot Topic crossovers are stoked

anonymous 5/10/2019 8:23:40 AM

Yeah, nobody will buy this crap.

anonymous 5/10/2019 9:33:29 AM

Imagine being in your mid 50s and dressing like you're a 18 year old soundcloud rapper from 3 years ago??

anonymous 5/10/2019 12:12:09 PM

gay stuff

anonymous 5/10/2019 1:06:25 PM

failed the first time, let us bring in RANDY and some black flag rip off that'll get people buying

anonymous 5/10/2019 3:11:09 PM

Yeah, I was surprised when I looked at Dez's instagram and saw he started dressing like that. "Hope he runs into Fury of Five and gets beat up again". Yeah, what's Stikman going to do? Ride his bike really hard?

anonymous 5/10/2019 3:47:33 PM

"Yeah, what's Stikman going to do? Ride his bike really hard?" In all fairness, Dez is about 4 ft tall and a complete blowhard pssy. He's the kind of douche who'd start a fight then start screaming about knowing Hells Angels or some shit.

anonymous 5/12/2019 12:16:04 AM

how come really short people always have to look upwards in group shots like lifting their head is going to make them look taller. I mean look at deadbeat, guy never gets above ground or headway into that debt.

anonymous 5/12/2019 4:53:16 PM

He's got the biggest Napoleon complex, clearly.

anonymous 5/12/2019 8:02:32 PM

Gayest shit I've read in a while hahah

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