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Stray From The Path announce live album, premiere video

Official press release: Long Island, NY hardcore powerhouse, Stray From The Path, have been bringing their charged up punk fury and politically outspoken voice to the masses for going on 18 years, and they show absolutely no sign of slowing down. Today the band have announced their signing with UNFD, and their first release with their new label, Smash 'Em Up: Live In Europe 2019. Due out May 17th, the upcoming album captures Stray From The Path in their element on stage, as evidenced by their new live video for "First World Problem Child (Live in London, England)" featuring Sam Carter of Architects. Stay tuned as the band gear up for another huge year with extensive touring and more music on the way from their team-up with UNFD. Watch the live video for "First World Problem Child" via YouTube: Smash 'Em Up: Live In Europe 2019 follows Stray From The Path's 2017 full-length, Only Death Is Real, and pulls no punches in demonstrating the band's raw power in the live setting. In a statement the band elaborated, "We've wanted to do a live record for years now, but the stars really never aligned for it. An opportunity presented itself on our latest tour supporting While She Sleeps, and we were fortunate enough to be able to make it happen. This album takes places across Mainland Europe and the United Kingdom, with each song performed in some of our favorite cities on Earth. This record is live, unedited, no backing tracks, and all songs are performed and written by the people in this band. Thank you to Julien Delcroix, Florent Salfati, Moritz Hartmann, Daniel Gray, UNFD and Sumerian Records for their assistance in making this happen. All of the band's royalties from this live album are going to be donated to the Hardcore Help Foundation in perpetuity. More to come." Hardcore Help Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports various humanitarian projects around the globe.

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anonymous 5/8/2019 9:56:05 AM

15 year old Antifa members are stoked

anonymous 5/8/2019 10:23:30 AM

wearing all white is a bad idea cause everyone can see your pee stains

anonymous 5/8/2019 10:36:24 AM

nobody asked for this

anonymous 5/8/2019 10:42:50 AM

Stray From The Toilet

anonymous 5/8/2019 11:41:52 AM

Never heard these guys until now. I regret where my life was 2 minutes ago.

easyhateoven 5/8/2019 12:09:32 PM

Spray From The Toilet

anonymous 5/8/2019 12:10:12 PM

White people complaining about white people. What's new.

anonymous 5/8/2019 12:45:46 PM

No one gaf anymore. Go back to villains sound and gain your 20 diehards back

anonymous 5/8/2019 1:12:48 PM

Stray against the machine. Rage from the path.

anonymous 5/8/2019 1:40:31 PM

Imagine releasing this collectively as a band and thinking people want this

anonymous 5/8/2019 3:28:41 PM

Is this the same band I saw 2003 doing their best Dillinger impression? When did they turn into a nü-metal band?

anonymous 5/8/2019 4:04:29 PM

Stray From The Path: no or hell no?

anonymous 5/8/2019 5:09:13 PM

anonymous4 hours ago j*wish people complaining about white people. What's new

anonymous 5/8/2019 9:09:30 PM

you're not Rage Against The Machine, stop with the gay shit

easyhateoven 5/9/2019 5:08:49 AM

anonymous13 hours ago Is this the same band I saw 2003 doing their best Dillinger impression? When did they turn into a nü-metal band? haha i remember those days with the old singer. they should have changed their name. went from crap to complete shit

anonymous 5/9/2019 8:25:20 AM

I'll never get this band anymore. Make Your Own History thrust this band into the spotlight and people fell in love and they gained massive fans. Only to back peddle to worse song writing and sound album after album. They like to pretend that record didn't even exist when it was the only one that mattered.

anonymous 5/13/2019 11:30:29 AM

LOL @ '15 year old Antifa members are stoked' XD

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