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Harms Way release new remix EP

Metal/hardcore brutes Harms Way have issued a new EP titled PSTHMN. The record features four remixed tracks from the band's most recent album, Posthuman, courtesy of Justin Broadrick (Godflesh), Andrew Nolan (Intensive Care), Sanford Parker (Mirrors For Psychic Warfare), and Casey Soyk (Harm's Way). The EP is available now through Metal Blade Records and can be streamed in its entirety via Decibel. "PSTHMN is the evolutionary counterpart to our 2018 full length release, Posthuman," Harm's Way explain. "It includes four remixed and reinterpreted tracks by artists that have continually inspired and influenced the band throughout its tenure. These artists include Justin Broadrick (Godflesh, Jesu, JK Flesh), Andrew Nolan (Intensive Care, The Endless Blockade, Column of Heaven), and Sanford Parker (Mirrors For Psychic Warfare, Corrections House). Additionally, the release includes a reimagined version of the track 'Unreality' by our very own bassist, Casey Soyk. PSTHMN follows the vision of Posthuman and sheds light on influential aspects that have shaped the sound and aesthetic of Harm's Way."


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easyhateoven 4/19/2019 8:14:02 AM


anonymous 4/19/2019 8:46:10 AM


anonymous 4/19/2019 8:54:05 AM

My max bench press has gone up to 55 lbs thanks to Harms Way. Gracias boys!

anonymous 4/19/2019 9:17:54 AM

harms way, kublai khan, vein, jesus piece, power trip, bent life, vatican, sanction - good bands. gym playlist

carveyournamein 4/19/2019 9:17:55 AM


anonymous 4/19/2019 10:01:42 AM

I went to a show the other night and these guys opened it up, didn't know Triple H changer career paths. Most garbage band I've ever heard, what a waste of 20 minutes.

anonymous 4/19/2019 10:46:02 AM


anonymous 4/19/2019 10:51:52 AM

Stop calling yourselves a hardcore band which you never were.

anonymous 4/19/2019 10:54:01 AM

These guys really wanna be fear factory's retarded roidhead little brother

Rick____Tocchet 4/19/2019 10:55:31 AM

Can't wait to see these guys at the Electric Daisy Carnival in Vegas this summer. They should fit right in!!!

anonymous 4/19/2019 11:15:35 AM

I like it!

anonymous 4/19/2019 12:27:16 PM

anonymous3 hours ago My max bench press has gone up to 55 lbs thanks to Harms Way. Gracias boys! bruh gotta get serious with those negatives that's the only way you're gonna get past the plateau up your calories and do fewer reps with bigger weight you pencil neck garbage pail

anonymous 4/19/2019 12:30:00 PM

solid candidate to open on AILDs fall Us headliner

anonymous 4/19/2019 12:30:19 PM

^no nuts

anonymous 4/19/2019 1:05:54 PM

I still think Hate reed is the best gym band does that make me gay?? Perseverance!!! Discipline and determination!!! Don't sniff her seat when she's done or you'll get kicked out again!!!!

anonymous 4/19/2019 1:15:50 PM

Whey protein....check. Squat rack....check. Air Jordan's with matching flat brim and basketball shorts....check. Meet me in the parking lot beta males, I'll be bench pressing your sisters with this on blast.

anonymous 4/19/2019 2:29:16 PM

Saw them a couple weeks ago with knocked loose and acacia strain. They were good

anonymous 4/19/2019 3:20:16 PM

I listen to two minutes of this and whoever remixed it literally is deaf this is awful.

anonymous 4/19/2019 3:55:32 PM

The money they crowdfunded from their trailer break-in funded this

anonymous 4/19/2019 4:33:02 PM

singer should go on joe rogan and talk about fitness

anonymous 4/19/2019 4:34:07 PM

leaves trailer in ghetto vegas parking lot. Gets 25k

anonymous 4/19/2019 4:57:52 PM

Still better than Clutch

anonymous 4/19/2019 5:16:06 PM

Completely unnecessary. Listen to Remanufacture by Fear Factory instead...From 1996

anonymous 4/19/2019 6:47:57 PM

Lol @ dipshit clarifying when remanfucture was released

anonymous 4/19/2019 7:15:57 PM

Most likely a lot of deadbeat dads upping huge gains to this remix and the previous. In between both mixes NJ Bloodline's (the best bloodline) "Talk to the Fist" is played. Fight me in any pit, I'll be the one that just kicked you in the forhead.

anonymous 4/19/2019 9:02:57 PM

The money they crowdfunded from their trailer break-in funded this ****** Interesting that they are on tour with higher power and their shit got stolen.

anonymous 4/20/2019 7:18:44 AM

Robbed of 20k worth of gear. Asks for 25k. Invests profit into ep no one asked for

anonymous 4/20/2019 7:27:00 AM

So what if they mix sounds of industrial, metal and hardcore together? Do they need to only sound like or have influences from one genre to be cool in your eyes? Their music is good, heavy and they are enjoyable live. Sorry if you think Fear Factory are the end all be all gods of industrial metal. Go pick-up your single parent girlfriend (with massive anxiety issues) from the mall, her split shift at Torrid and Hot Topic is over.

anonymous 4/20/2019 7:33:54 AM

^ I personally enjoy fcking overweight, depressed chicks. That was probably meant as an insult to whoever

anonymous 4/20/2019 11:47:03 PM

There's not a single person in the world listening to this

anonymous 4/21/2019 9:40:52 AM

When you're no longer able to jam or practice due to all your instruments stolen and you have to get your sister's ex-boyfriend to remix your existing tracks on Ableton to meet a contract deadline Not even braindead high school goths would listen to this

anonymous 4/21/2019 12:52:15 PM

Harms Way: The band that talked shit on metal, then changed their sound from power metallic Prodigy.

anonymous 4/21/2019 12:54:13 PM

I literally remember seeing an interview with Christopher Mills, talking about how they were trying to allegedly get away from the darker, Satanic imagery to win over fans in the mainstream. That you did boy. That you did.

anonymous 4/22/2019 5:10:28 AM

Remix albums have always sucked and will always suck. From any band.

anonymous 4/22/2019 7:05:42 AM

There was countless bands that sounded like Harms Way and they just brought that sound back. they sound like shit. Everyone in the building turns into a fckin no neck tough guy stink face poser when they play. Remix album is a waste of life.

anonymous 4/22/2019 5:32:42 PM

If you don't get pumped on some harm's way in the squat rack, you're a soyboy beta cuck and you're never gonna make it. Fight me in CT

anonymous 4/24/2019 12:25:04 PM

Y'all are hurting the Cheese Man's feelings.

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