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Neckbeard Deathcamp to release new album in May

Thursday, April 18, 2019 7:51 PM PT

Neckbeard Deathcamp have announced plans to release a new album next month. The effort is titled So Much For The Tolerant Left and will hit streets on May 24 through Prosthetic Records.

The album's first single, "What Are the Cargo Pockets for Lanza? Extra Mags?," can be heard now via Cvlt Nation.

01. Cucked 2 the Phantom Menace
02. Shitpostnacht
03. Operation Neet
04. What Are the Cargo Pockets for Lanza Extra Mags
05. Horseshoe Theory
06. Bricks out for Harambe
07. Tolerance Candle
08. Unironically Calling Someone the Untermensch
09. Conservative Crybullying
10. /R/Iamverysmart
11. Pozerfaust Division

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