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Aversions Crown address absence of vocalist

Australian deathcore act Aversions Crown have issued a statement regarding vocalist Mark Poida, who has been absent from live performances for the past several months. Their explanation can be read below.
"You may have noticed that Mark has not been touring with the band for the last couple of months. We want to be as honest and upfront with our fans as possible, however due to the nature of the issues Mark is currently dealing with we had to withhold certain information to respect his privacy as it was not the right time to plaster sensitive information on the internet. "To avoid cancelling tours we had already booked and committed to, with short notice our friend Tyler Miller from The Guild has stepped in to help us out and we cannot thank him enough. "For ten years past and present members have sacrificed a lot to keep this show on the road, and we will continue to do so because this is our passion. We would like to thank the fans who support us through the difficult times, you guys are the reason we will continue to persist no matter whatever obstacle presents itself. "We'll see you soon, and new music is coming sooner."

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