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Born Of Osiris home studio robbed

Born Of Osiris guitarist Lee McKinney had a handful of valuable items stolen on Monday night when the home he and his wife share was burglarized. According to McKinney, who is currently on tour, one of the intruders was armed with a knife. Among the valuables taken were five guitars and four guns. He had the following to say:
"Last night on Monday, March 11th, our home was burglarized. The intruder(s) entered through a second floor window and carried a knife that was left on the scene, which makes us feel as if they were willing to potentially do more than walk out with material items had someone been home. Stolen items include a TV, 5 guitars, 1 audio interface, 4 guns, 1 camera, and 1 amplifier. "We have notified the local police and a full investigation is underway. We're hoping that by bringing this to public attention that anyone who sees one of these items on sale in any way could help us track down the person who did this. Material items are one thing, but justice against the person who came into our home with a weapon is of the utmost importance. Fortunately our family is safe. Thank you for your time and concern, and we greatly appreciate any and all information you might have."
The serial numbers of the missing instruments are: Walnut LPM7 - 69540, Honey V6X - 132686, Monster O7X - 139438, Sea Foam VB5 - 139204

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