NewsFebruary 19, 2004 4:14 PM ET4,714 views

Blessing The Hogs sign w/ Goodfellow Records

San Francisco's Blessing The Hogs have officially signed with Goodfellow Records. As you may recall, BTH has previously released both a CDep and a full-length with Goodfellow. Here's a statement from the group: "After over a year of negotiations with various labels, we have decided to officially call Goodfellow Records our home. Our positive experiences dealing with Goodfellow Records' release of our last album "The Poisoning" made our decision to sign with them over other interested labels an easy one. Goodfellow Records is definitely one of the most successful, growing underground record labels out there today, not to mention Goodfellow Records has proven a strong lasting ability as an independent record company in this generic, flooded market of today's metal music. The caliber of bands that have preceded us on Goodfellow Records are surpassed only by the label's integrity and sincere love of music. Listeners are to be prepared for another sonic onslaught of brutal metal that will leave you in a state of astonishment. We are looking forward to another successful release."

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