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Prosthetic Records signs Vile Creature

Friday, March 1, 2019 9:02 AM PT

Official press release:

Vile Creature have today announced their signing to US-based label, Prosthetic Records. To celebrate, the band will collate their back catalogue into one limited edition CD digipack compilation, titled Preservation Rituals (2015-2018). The collection goes someway to chart the - so far - short, but definitely spellbinding progression of this Ontario-based duo. The compilation will be in stores starting March 15th but is available to order for immediate shipping.

The band comments: "Having Prosthetic as a partner not only for this CD of all of our previous records, but also for new songs in the future is really exciting for us. Honestly, we will take any reason to celebrate with cake & animals, but this one feels just that much more special."

Dripping with vitriol, abrasively confrontational, and vitally, loud; Vile Creature is the epitome of heavy metal. Eschewing the tropes of the genre's predecessors Vile Creature are subversive in their socio-political commentary - and throw in a dash of science fiction for good measure.

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