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SeeYouSpaceCowboy bassist exits band amid rape allegations

Andrew Milam, bass player for Los Angeles, CA band SeeYouSpaceCowboy, has parted ways with the band. Though the group had nothing more to say beyond, "Andrew Milam is no longer a part of this band in any way," the move apparently comes as the result of unseemly allegations made against Milam, who joined the band mere months ago. Milam has since addressed the matter, issuing the following statement via Twitter: In other band news, SeeYouSpaceCowboy are currently in the studio recording their Pure Noise Records debut.


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anonymous 2/13/2019 12:50:26 PM

TW: garbage band that honks.

anonymous 2/13/2019 12:53:35 PM

Whoever runs this site must be desperate to keep it afloat with this Metalsucks TMZ gossip bullshit non news. who the hell is this band?

anonymous 2/13/2019 12:55:17 PM

quit posting about scene drama for cheap clicks nobody even knows who this band is

anonymous 2/13/2019 12:57:46 PM


anonymous 2/13/2019 12:58:27 PM

Hey can all those guy(s) who flooded the Seeyouspacecowboy post last week or 2 come back and flood this with something awesome about your band. Like we have no rapists in our band now...100% abuse free band.

anonymous 2/13/2019 1:03:34 PM

Justin here guess I'll just go back to moshing to the number 12

anonymous 2/13/2019 1:26:44 PM

Did anyone keep reading after the second paragraph? You know, the one where he basically admits to abuse. "I will say that it was a sexual encounter where I wasn't looking for active consent." The end.

thetowerofrome 2/13/2019 1:27:09 PM

Amazing band name

anonymous 2/13/2019 1:37:43 PM

It's called drunk sex ya fckin tardos.

anonymous 2/13/2019 1:40:07 PM

Hey Steph: When you get drunk at a party and don't tell the guy NO, you are equally at fault for whatever happens. You didn't say you were abused. And you stayed friends with the guy. When he tries to kiss you later down the line, and you don't say NO, or even try to let it not happen, you are equally to blame for the kiss. Stop regretting what happened and trying to change history.

anonymous 2/13/2019 1:41:20 PM


anonymous 2/13/2019 1:46:32 PM

Watch what you post guys that girl from YOTK will cancel you otherwise!

anonymous 2/13/2019 2:16:03 PM

entire twitter is a mess

anonymous 2/13/2019 2:26:24 PM

hedley lamar: "you said abuse twice" andrew millam: "i like abuse"

anonymous 2/13/2019 2:46:53 PM

^ got a link for pix?

anonymous 2/13/2019 2:49:04 PM

^ belay my last, someone out here deleting comments

anonymous 2/13/2019 2:51:26 PM

SafeSpaceCowboy. this generation of people and bands are hard trash. also that moron didn't do himself any favors with that write up either. stop reporting on irrelevant bands and bring back bullying

anonymous 2/13/2019 2:53:10 PM

Drunk sex and going in for a friendly game of tonsil hockey is abuse...what a time to be alive.

anonymous 2/13/2019 2:57:06 PM

Oh come onnnnn you can't have a scenewave band without a few abusey vibes Since this is now becoming Metalsucks/Scene TMZ, Can't BELIEVE glamboat hasn't picked up on what the Zao dude said about Tim Lambesis yet WTF WEBBY GET ON IT

anonymous 2/13/2019 3:27:48 PM

In case anyone didn't get the memo, In 2019: 1)being a white lesbian woman saying "my sageas" (a term of endearment) to your friends privately will get you kicked out of hardcore. 2) even if you're in a tranny fronted, pozzed up MySpace throwback band, someone regretting or saying they regret fcking you years ago on the Internet is the equivalent of abuse. Any questions?

anonymous 2/13/2019 4:15:49 PM


anonymous 2/13/2019 4:22:29 PM

Syd here, smh

anonymous 2/13/2019 4:23:12 PM

Didn't even have to read it. Just goes to show the hc "community" mostly are a bunch of elitist dirtballs. fck hc, fck your LDB fest

anonymous 2/13/2019 4:24:14 PM

Patrick formerly of No Victory here: Will be glad to play in any band and have sex with all your women then preach on social media what a good father I am

anonymous 2/13/2019 4:24:34 PM

Dudes old band posted about this, old bands vocalist knew all about the abuse allegations. But chose to only talk about them when this was released, and offered to have "conversations" with others if they wanted to disclose anything. Yes I'm talking about that shitcore band from Iowa. Ben Ashturd jumps on scene acting like he knew nothing about it, but now does. Loser. Poser.

anonymous 2/13/2019 4:47:30 PM

lol at the "memo" guy up there! incel tears at their finest

carveyournamein 2/13/2019 4:56:43 PM


anonymous 2/13/2019 5:07:06 PM

Where in the hell did my comment go. Did the anti-pedophilia commenter report me again, boo-hoo :***(

anonymous 2/13/2019 5:10:24 PM

--Hey can all those guy(s) who flooded the Seeyouspacecowboy post last week or 2 come back and flood this with something awesome about your band.-- I don't have time rn. That was a Friday night and there was f all to do so I cranked out 75 comments.

cgrind3000 2/13/2019 5:22:07 PM

So if you have sex with a girl and both parties are intoxicated and she doesn't leave the interaction and she regrets it years later it's abuse. Def good to know

anonymous 2/13/2019 5:31:13 PM

That girl who cried "raped" looks like a mongoloid, but I guess if both is drunk it means guy is guilty. Why not bring this up earlier? Comes out when guy joins mediocre signed band.

anonymous 2/13/2019 5:38:13 PM

cgrind3000 a girl first wants to have consentual sex with you in order to regret it. You have nothing to worry about.,

anonymous 2/13/2019 6:05:22 PM

well that didn't last long

anonymous 2/13/2019 6:17:25 PM

^ That's probably why she's complaining

anonymous 2/13/2019 6:17:55 PM

Band is absolute trash. They have a laptop for a bass player. I'm pretty sure non of them are from Birmingham. You couldn't pay me to watch them live.

anonymous 2/13/2019 6:19:41 PM

I get the 'didn't last long' comment btw sometimes you just gotta say to hell with it haha

anonymous 2/13/2019 6:26:26 PM

I'm not really into horny stories, but this reads like a Southwest Airlines "Wanna Get Away" commercial.

anonymous 2/13/2019 6:35:04 PM

omg Is that him in the yellow hood, this is all making sense now WHAT A MUTANT

anonymous 2/13/2019 6:39:04 PM


anonymous 2/13/2019 6:53:06 PM

I was hoping this band would fall apart faster than GLOSS and they even beat them...bye bye garbage hipster trash band

anonymous 2/13/2019 7:06:21 PM

Some people call me the space cowboy Some call me the gangster of love Some people call me Maurice 'Cause I speak of the pompitous of love

anonymous 2/13/2019 7:32:39 PM

Straight Edge Bill P from the MKE (illinois suburbs) here. Ready to fill in on a moments notice for SYSC so people will think I'm cool. Just don't look too much into the pics of my dong I sent to 15 year olds

anonymous 2/13/2019 7:33:06 PM

^hell to the no

anonymous 2/13/2019 9:02:01 PM

The kid wouldn't be in this mess had he used the Dave Chappelle sex contract.

anonymous 2/13/2019 9:09:31 PM

If someone broke into my house and I took 5 years to report it...

anonymous 2/13/2019 9:31:04 PM

Welcome To 2019. Where moshing is considered assault, and kissing is considered abuse.

anonymous 2/13/2019 9:36:17 PM

"But also expressing how it would be difficult to communicate about the situation." Is this b!itch in middle school?

anonymous 2/13/2019 9:38:49 PM

let me find out this young mane got kicked to the curb simply because Pure Noise didn't want to put out any...TAINTED NOISE.

anonymous 2/13/2019 9:40:27 PM


anonymous 2/14/2019 1:46:45 AM

Trash ass band right up there with the other trash ass bands on their label"Sasscore" gimme a fcking breakGo back to having your mom do your laundry and make transfers into your bank account when youre broke

anonymous 2/14/2019 5:03:59 AM

joe hardcore double check in here. fck Atlanta they're racists who cover it up and ghetto josh I'm cool with the lead singer of criminal instinct though.

anonymous 2/14/2019 5:10:32 AM

the hardcore scene will implode within the next 2 years under the weight of it's own virtue signalling elitst fake "inclusion" atmosphere.

anonymous 2/14/2019 5:16:34 AM


anonymous 2/14/2019 5:28:29 AM

Another leftist feminist band accused of having rapist members what a shocker

anonymous 2/14/2019 5:54:14 AM

I would play the towns whore at Renn Fest

anonymous 2/14/2019 5:55:42 AM

In all seriousness...if the singer wasn't trans would they get any attention? Or would they just be a "mid aughts myspace throwback band" and be lost to the sands of time?

anonymous 2/14/2019 5:58:54 AM

Funny how the first time around these ridiculous white belt bands were the laughing stock of the scene by all "credible" musicians / critics, but with this resurgence they're somehow being regarded as "real" music by hc scene tastemakers like Hate5Six and legit labels know for putting out "real" bands?

anonymous 2/14/2019 7:52:49 AM

I definitely trust white people less after yesterday

anonymous 2/14/2019 9:29:56 AM

Tim Lambesis

anonymous 2/14/2019 9:40:32 AM


anonymous 2/14/2019 9:49:31 AM

Robert Kelly here, Andrew Milan is now official my touring bassist, I am very excited to have him on board with us. We will be commencing a world tour including Thailand, India, and parts of Africa, thank you and God Bless.

anonymous 2/14/2019 11:11:56 AM

Serious question, what is the deal with half this band living in California and the other half living in Philadelphia?

anonymous 2/14/2019 12:30:56 PM

this band sucks, who cares

genghisjohn 2/14/2019 5:18:03 PM

Because of the implication...

anonymous 2/14/2019 6:43:49 PM

Drop Dead Gorgeous sucked the first time around

anonymous 2/14/2019 7:44:26 PM

"anonymous11 hours ago I definitely trust white people less after yesterday" LOL win

anonymous 2/14/2019 9:58:41 PM

what an idiot! DENY! DENY! DENY!

anonymous 2/15/2019 8:36:30 AM

Currently standing on South street in Philly, come fight me @ the TLA tonight pussies

Turnstile 2/16/2019 1:31:56 AM

I just saw them last week

anonymous 85 days ago

anonymous 2/15/2019 8:36:30 AM Currently standing on South street in Philly, come fight me @ the TLA tonight pussies<\\\\ meet me at New Harmony in Chinatown. beatcha'asphalt down for some grub, sage.

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